11 Powerful SEO Apps for Shopify in 2022

11 Powerful SEO Apps for Shopify in 2023

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the difference between your e-commerce shop’s success and failure. SEO is about optimizing your website/shop for search engines and it is something that all website owners have to do to rank their website higher on the Internet. 

Apart from driving traffic to your shops/website, good SEO helps build credibility among the customers. 

And in technical terms, the process of managing your on-page website and off-page website activity is called SEO. When we talk about e-commerce stores, the first name that comes to mind is Shopify.

Shopify, the world’s largest e-commerce platform, hosts millions of stores. And without proper guidance, making your store stand out from the crowd feels like a huge task.

To help you with this, Shopify app store has over 3200 apps that help in on and off-page SEO. With a single click, these seo apps for shopify will help you improve your SEO efforts and help increase the visibility of your shop/website.

But with so many options here in the pool, it’s natural to feel confused. But rest assured because we have curated a list of the top eleven SEO apps for Shopify that are the absolute best. 

This guide will help you select the one SEO app that matches your business requirement and let you understand why they are the best.

Let’s start! 

11 Best SEO Apps For Shopify

There are multitude of SEO apps in the market that promise to be the best but only a few live up to the expectation. But not the ones that we have mentioned here because the SEO apps for Shopify that we are going to mention are the absolute best. 

Avada SEO Suite

One of the best apps among all the other SEO apps for Shopify is the Avada SEO suite. This Shopify app has been built to optimize the website structure so that it is efficient. More than 30,000 businesses in Shopify use this app to optimize their websites. Not only are there numerous features on this app, but also it is completely free.

Avada SEO suite app for shopify

The apps features include,

  • SEO image optimization
  • Automatic addition of ALT tags
  • Live chat option around the clock
  • Google sitemap feature
  • Standardized meta tags
  • Search console integration
  • Redirection to a specific URL during a 404 error
  • Detailed SEO analysis
  • Auto-add google structured data

Faster loading of pages, compressing high-quality images without losing quality, rich snippet creation, and automation are some of its main benefits. 

Other than that, it is a free SEO apps for Shopify that can be upgraded for next-level benefits.  

Plan type:   

  • FREE plan20
  • Pro plan at $29 per month

SEO Manager

The most beginner-friendly Shopify app out there is SEO manager. It provides a step-by-step guide along with the purchase of this app.

You can use this guide to optimize your website on your own. With each step of the optimization process, this seo app for Shopify app provides you with valuable suggestions to uplevel your website.

The key features are the customizable creation of meta tags, ALT tags, and meta descriptions of your products on your site.

You can also test run and preview your website before publishing on the Internet to get an idea about how it will be viewed by the customer. Google trend is linked with this app to seek out improvements that can be made to your site.

SEO manager app for Shopify SEO

Along with normal features, some of the special features of this app are 

  • Pre-made templates
  • Edit titles and descriptions
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Mobile app integration
  • SEO issues scan and suggestions to rectify

This app comes in handy when you have no prior knowledge about SEO. The SEO manager app has simplified everything for your convenience.

Plan types:

  • 7-day free trial 
  • After that $20 per month

SEO image optimizer page speed

Another app created by the makers of the Avada SEO suite is SEO image optimizer page speed. This app mainly concentrates on website image optimization. Basic and advanced tools are available in this Shopify app that lets you optimize the images on your website.

You can optimize image ALT, JSON-LD, meta tags, and sitemap automatically for almost all pages to ensure your page meets google standards. It is also possible to set this app to run in automatic mode.

This app has the following features

  • Adding of social meta for the site preview
  • Redirection of 404 pages
  • Your website will load faster with preloaded pages
  • Detailed SEO analysis

Both paid and free versions are available with this app. The free version puts forth certain limitations such as optimization of 50 images per month, limited support, etc. With the paid version, you can unlock all the advanced services that this SEO image optimizer page speed has to offer.

Plan types:

  • Free
  • $29 per month

Plugin SEO

This app is one of the oldest SEO apps for Shopify available on the Shopify app store. With its experience in the SEO business for over 10 years, it provides amazing tool kits that are specialized to help you in ranking your website at the top.

This app also comes in several versions. The free version is for starters who are new to SEO. It contains all the support a beginner would need in the SEO process.

On top of that, the free version also contains an integrated smart analyzer that helps you to check and fix SEO issues of unlimited pages.

Custom template creation according to your needs, premium supports are a bonus in paid versions. The paid versions have been divided into 3 based on the services.

They also contain a certain advanced toolkit if you are up to immersing yourself in doing SEO.

Plugin SEO app for Shopify SEO

With the payment of an additional fee, you can take up the expert package. An SEO expert will be employed by the app just to take care of your website.

Without worrying about the work you can sit back and relax as your expert will handle all the hard parts. Your only responsibility will be to reap the rewards of it!

Plan types:

  • Free
  • Basic SEO plan – $29.99 per month
  • Plus SEO plan – $49.99 per month
  • Premium SEO plan – $79.99 per month

SEO Expert Pro ‑ All in One

As the name suggests, this app is an all-in-one app and an expert in fixing issues with on-page SEO. This Shopify app for SEO mainly deals with on-page optimization which is an essential factor that helps in ranking your e-commerce store at the top. 

A notable feature in this app is the output site for SEO issues. It allows you to find problems with on-page SEO and rectify them within the app. Other features of this app are

  • Site SEO scanner to scan on-page SEO
  • Broken link fixer that helps to fix links instantly
  • Bulk Image Optimiser 
  • Easy updating of Update Meta Title and Description Tags
SEO expert pro app all in one for Shopify Search Engine Optimization

Reports about any errors are emailed to you directly. With a live google preview, you can see how your website looks and make necessary changes. Site Mobile Compatibility Tester is available to ensure whether your Shopify website is mobile-friendly.

This SEO apps for Shopify also allows you to run a speed test and provides a score, along with PageSpeed recommendations from Google on how to improve your website’s speed.

Plan type:

  • $9.99 per month

Image Optimizer & SEO Audit

Boosting your site’s SEO ranking has been made easier with the SEO Site audit: Fix SEO issues app. A thorough and complete audit of your eCommerce website can be availed through this free Shopify app. 

This app acts like a pointer that audits your site and points out the areas for improvement. The website audit report will help you to understand where your website is lacking. 

Along with pointing out the mistakes, this app suggests ways to improve and fix those mistakes.

Image optimizer & SEO audit app for shopify

The audit is done by setting a benchmark and comparing your site’s score with the chosen benchmark. Some of the parameters for the site audit are:

  • Your Customers Value
  •  Percentage of recurring customers
  • Speed of your site
  • Your site’s trustworthiness
  • The lifetime value of customers etc.,

Recently a new feature has been added to the SEO site audit app, which is the image optimizer. Thousands of images can be optimized as per your website’s needs with this Shopify app.

Plan type: Free

Reload SEO

This SEO tool is mainly focused on keyword optimization within your Shopify website and product descriptions. A variety of keywords are suggested by this app that can potentially increase your website’s growth. There are advanced keyword research tools available for those who are well versed in SEO.

Reload SEO tool is mainly focused on keyword optimization within your Shopify website

This Shopify app differs from others with this single vantage element – business competitor analysis.

Not only does this app analyze and give you a detailed report of your website, but it also analyzes your competitor’s website. The report on competitors’ analysis contains a detailed overview of what they are doing right.

You can see the report for yourself and improve your website to stand out from the competition. 

Notable features of this app are,

  • Live feedback on SEO writing
  • Fixing technical SEO issues in an instant
  • Track your keyword rankings backlinks and social presence to have an idea about the website’s performance

Other features offered by this Shopify app are similar to other apps. Reload SEO can be trusted to increase your Shopify stores revenue with organic audience reach.

Plan type:

  • 14-day free trial
  • After that, $14.95 per month

Tiny Img SEO Image Optimizer

Having appealing product images on your e-commerce shop/website is a major factor that helps to convert clicks into sales. So it is important to have high-quality images and also not to compromise on the speed of your website. 

But how can it be done? Tiny Img SEO image optimizer app is your answer.

Complete focus on optimizing images can be done with this Tiny Img SEO image optimizer app. This SEO apps for Shopify has all the tools needed to optimize the images on your website that help to load your page faster.

It is commonly known that images are the number one thing that slows your website’s speed.

Tiny Img SEO image optimizer app for shopify

With this app, you can compress your images without compromising on original quality. There is auto-optimization of image options available if you have lots of images on your site. Other features of this app are report generation, live support,

Along with that, the images will be made suitable for search engines with just a click.No prior knowledge of optimization is required to use this Shopify app. 

Plan types:

  • Free
  • $1.99 per month, billed every 24 months
  • $9.99 per month, billed every month
  • Special offer at $19.99 per month, billed every month

Schema App Total Schema Markup

This app deals with the automatic updating of schema markups for your website. Simply put, schema markup is like a dictionary used by search engines that helps them to find quality websites.

Proper upgradation of schema markup of websites helps in building quality and in turn, allows search engines to rank your site at the top.

There are two types of schema apps for Shopify plugins available.

  • Shopify core and
  • Shopify advanced

Shopify’s core plan optimizes all the contents of your website like products, blogs, reviews, and ratings. It supports all the themes available.

No configuration needs to be done as the app takes all the required details from various sources that you have entered previously on Shopify.

Schema app total schema markup for shopify

Shopify advanced gives you the benefits of Shopify core along with schema app pro subscription.

The pro subscription gives you the ability to optimize your other store content like FAQs, contact us, about us, etc through the comprehensive SchemaApp Editor.

This app enhances your website to look professional and trustworthy Reviews from customers are shown in the search results leading to more customer turnover.

Plan types:

  • Shopify core – $15 per month
  • Shopify Advanced – $30 per month

Rich snippets for SEO

Snippets are an important factor in ranking your site. Snippets are the texts that appear first in the search results when the customer searches for something.

Bad snippets can result in fewer click rates and cause harm to your website. A lack of information about your website on the snippets will also lead to less traffic.

Risch snippets for SEO automatically create snippets for your website by taking data from your store and feeding it directly into google. They are created in a way that they attract customers and increase the click rate. 

Rich Snippet app for Shopify SEO

Snippets are the first thing that a customer will notice when searching for a product. So it is better to leave that job to the best SEO apps for Shopify like rich snippets for SEO. With their expert knowledge and experience, it is guaranteed that this Shopify app will increase your site visits.

Also, this app can be bought once with lifetime validity to save you from payment hassles.

Plan type:

  • $69 at one-time pricing.

SEO Doctor- sitemap and meta

All in one SEO app that helps you to find SEO issues within your website and fix it automatically. It audits your website thoroughly and provides elaborate ways to fix site issues.

You can either manually solve the issues with the help of the checklist provided in this Shopify app or you can use the autopilot mode.

The app mainly focuses on 

  • Sitemap integration
  • Structured data
  • 404 errors
  • Image compression
  • Alt and meta tags
  • Keyword Suggestions 

Frequent reports are generated of the same in this app about the performance of your website. Progress is tracked with charts and overall SEO scores for easy understanding of the users.

SEO Doctor all in one SEO app for Shopify

It also has an additional feature that allows you to preview how your website looks from mobile. You can check how fast and appealing your website is on mobile devices and optimize the same.

There are 3 types of paid plans available to purchase this Shopify app along with the free plan.

Plan types:


  • $14.99 a month
  • $29 a month
  • $79 per month
  • All billed yearly.


Shopify app store hosts many useful SEO apps and we have mentioned some of the best SEO apps for Shopify. Use these SEO apps for your Shopify store and scale it up to the next level by making it more visible to more people.

All these Shopify apps and Shopify SEO plugins mentioned here are known to be very much helpful to the users. They have garnered amazing reviews among the users. And they are the best at what they do.

There are one million businesses that are active in Shopify. SEO will help you to withstand the competition and survive in the business market. These Shopify apps will help you to stand out from the competition and sell your products to the world.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Which are the best SEO apps for Shopify?

The best SEO apps for Shopify is the Avada SEO suite and SEO manager. But all the 11 apps mentioned in this article are unique and the best in the services they offer. It is up to you to try out and decide which app works better for you.

Q2. How do I get better SEO on Shopify?

With the help of Shopify SEO apps that are available in the Shopify app store, you can become better at the SEO process. Managing SEO has been made easier with these apps. Autopilot modes are available on some of these SEO apps for Shopify help you with the SEO process.

Q3. Are Shopify apps profitable?

Yes. The Shopify apps help you to increase the visibility of your site on search engines like google. Increased visibility in turn generates more revenue and helps your business to become more profitable.

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