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How To Make Perfect SEO-Friendly URLs | Optimum Creation Of URL Slug

You know that you are on the right page when the URL section defines your search completely.

URL Slug

Just how in the above image the former defined your search with an understandable link, while the latter is not understandable, but both links will take you to similar results. Now, the next question is, how can you form an understandable URL? 

Here is a step-by-step beginner’s guide to creating optimum URLs that are more understandable and clickable, beginning with a dig into the curation of URL slugs.

What is a URL Slug?

When we talk about forming URLs for SEO, we mostly talk about URL slugs. So, it is important to know what is slug in website. 

A slug is the section of a URL that identifies the page on a website and appears in an easy-to-read form. Thus explaining the page’s content more accurately.

It is important to know what is slug in SEO and how is it an imperative part of on page SEO optimization. 

Understanding URL Slugs and Their Importance in SEO

Google’s John Mueller has confirmed that URL is a smart way of including ranking keywords, making URL slug a considerable ranking factor. However, it creates less emphasis as a ranking factor but more emphasis as a link that helps to assess the page before Google ranks it- making URL friendlier for the users rather than Google. Adapt these 2 practices for better URL formation:

  1. Include Your Keyword- This indicates Google what the page is about. So, make sure to put the words you really want to rank. 
  2. Make user-friendly URLs- Make sure to create a slug that people expect to see. It will make it more clickable. 

To create such keywords for SEO friendly URL you can use tools like Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool, that suggest a list of keywords and the one that is most likely to be ranked. Most importantly, pick a keyword that speaks more about the intent of the content.

Characteristics of SEO-Friendly URLs: Relevance, Length, Readability, and Keyword Usage

There are four factors in the on page SEO checklist, determining if your URL is ideal for the users.


It is important to make a URL relevant, because relevance acts as a building block between the link authority and Google’s trust. The quality appears more natural and realistic when the URL is more relevant. 


Although an SEO friendly URL can be stretched to 2083 characters, but shorter ones are still prioritized by Google, as surveyed by Backlinko in 2016 based on 1 million search results. Ideally, the advanced SEO friendly URLs reach up-to 50 to 60 characters, with a smarter use of words.


  • Character limit should be 60.
  • Number of words should be 3 to 5 in path
  • Hyphens should be used to separate the words.


This suggests that one of the best on page SEO techniques is to use words in URLs that are more readable and build interest. The URL must be more readable and understandable for both user and SEO perspectives. 

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Use keywords related to the page content, such that the URL directly matches the user’s expectations. Also, link with keyword is favored by Search Engine, as it is relevant according to the content.

Crafting Consistent and Clear URL Structures for Improved SEO| The URL Anatomy

A Uniform Resource Locator i.e. URL is known as a web address, taking user to the website and provides a web source and mentions location in the computer. This URL follows an anatomy including:

  • Protocol
  • Subdomain
  • Domain
  • Top-Level Domain (TLD)
  • Subfolder
  • Slug
  • Parameters

This clarity and consistency of SEO friendly URLs eases search engine bots to comprehend the page’s topic and content. This helps with improving the crawling and indexing process making it visible for both owners and users. 

Tips and Strategies for Creating Perfect SEO-Friendly URLs

Follow this 10 step procedure for creating SEO friendly URL that includes most of the SEO factors. 

  1. Pick your URL slug from the headline itself, maximizing the relevancy. It should clearly state the content of your page, to engage the audience.
  2. Avoid unnecessary punctuation in the links, as it will hamper the readability of the URL and even block web crawlers from page accessibility. 
  3. Play a safe game with removing numbers from the URL. It will be difficult to redirect the old URL to a new one in case you mention 21 in the URL and end up with 19 pointers in the content. 
  4. Eliminate crufts from the URL, as it may hide the necessary information and long URLs often confuse on page SEO engines and Google. 
  5. Bring down your URL slug into a single keyword that are easy to read. It also makes it easier to update the content and increase keyword prominence. 
  6. Add extra modifier for SEO friendly URL test and know the modifier that emphasizes more on the topic and content. These may include words like “best,” “guide,” “checklist,” “fast,” and “review”.
  7. Make your slug an enticing one as organic click-through-rate is one of the crucial on page seo factors. 
  8. Use lower case URL slugs to avoid chances of 404 page errors. 
  9. Add hyphens between words in the URL slug as any space between words may render the blank space as percentage. This will affect the readability and quality of the link. 
  10. Lastly, complete the URL with a trailing slash at last, because this looks pretty and complete. 

You can also refer URL structure best practices for Google

Utilizing Tools to Check and Optimize URL SEO Performance

Now that you have created the URL, the next stage is to conduct the SEO friendly URL test to know the performance of the URL slug you have created. For this, Google has itself introduced tools like:

Google Search Console: To measure the site’s traffic and performance that helps stand differently in Google Search Results. 

Google Analytics: To monitor SEO performance, traffic of the website, source of this traffic and conversion rates. 

Ahrefs: Analyzing the performance by dropping the URL and domain name in the search engine. 

SEMrush: To manage website for more visibility.

Screaming Frog: Helps do on-page SEO audits and know the structure of the slug and the website. 

Google Page Speed Insights: Helps check the website’s speed and performance.

Several other tools, like these, help analyze a website’s performance. Refer to these and see how your URL slug has helped you get more traffic. 


So, are you ready to make a change to your website? Then plan optimum and advanced SEO friendly URLs to improve the website’s performance. For this, you can book a free consultation from OPositive, and join hands with the team to leverage the website’s overall performance. The team of experts will help build the website and create more clickable URLs, to help increase your leads and overall business. Visit online now. 


What Is Slug In Website?

Slug in a website is the section in the URL that helps identify the website and make it more readable. This section expresses what the content is talking about. 

What Is Seo Friendly Url Structure?

An SEO friendly URL structure is one that includes a relevant keyword, is short and precise, includes the main keyword and is readable by the audience and Google. 

Can We Add Keywords In Url Slug?

Yes, you can add the main keyword in the URL slug. It will improve the readability, participate in the ranking factor and also express the intent of the content. 

How To Change Url?

Changing the URL is a long procedure where the old URL is redirected to the new one. For this, you can consult experts like OPositive, who will help you optimize the link and improve the website’s appearance and performance.

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