Leverage Content Marketing for Saas Industry

Leverage Content Marketing for Saas Industry

208.1 Billion USD. 

Yes, you read it right. That’s the predicted revenue size of the SaaS industry by 2023. 

And if you want to make a place for your SaaS product/business in this competitive market then you (meaning your product/business) have to stand out from the crowd.

But the bigger question is how do you do that? After all, there are many big players out there with a much bigger budget to spend.

Well, you don’t have to worry because you too can compete and make it big. And the way to do so with the help of content marketing. 

Here in this carefully curated article, we will discuss in-depth content marketing and how including content marketing in your marketing strategy will help. 

But before we address the how let us first discuss in detail content marketing.

What Is Content Marketing

It can be simply understood as a strategic approach to attracting a new audience and reading the existing one. To achieve this feat you have to create engaging content like blogs, social media posts, videos, and even emails to make people curious about your SaaS product.

The main idea behind having a robust content strategy is not to sell or get leads instead it’s to make people aware of your brand. This in turn will make people curious about your SaaS product leading to increased sales and revenue. 

Now that you know about content marketing let’s address the second question and that’s why you should have a content strategy in place for your SaaS product/business. 

Why You Should Leverage Content Marketing For Saas Industry: Things You Didn’t Know

At the very beginning we pointed out the possible market size of the SaaS industry, and that we guess is self-explanatory that the demand for content marketing is only going to go up. 

This we believe is the most important reason why you should use content marketing as part of your marketing strategy. 

And to make our point even more solid and help you understand the importance of content marketing, here are a few facts/things you didn’t know about.

  1. Almost 82% of marketing experts invest in content marketing
  2. 51% of businesses publish daily as part of their content marketing strategy
  3. 81% of marketers view content as part of their core business strategy
  4. Blogs are 70% more effective than traditional marketing
  5. 70% of people bought a product after seeing a video of it

To top it all off, according to Statista the content marketing industry is set to double its revenue in 2023 which currently sits at 66 Billion USD.

Looking at these numbers it makes complete sense to create content and leverage the power of content marketing strategy.

But just as the saying goes that “One Key Doesn’t Open All Doors” a single content marketing type won’t fit every SaaS business.

So let’s have a look at some of the different types of content marketing whose power you can harness to scale your business.

Types of Content Marketing

Now that you have a better understanding and the importance of content marketing is time to learn about the different types of content marketing. 


These are one of the best means to educate people about your SaaS product. But you need to understand that the blogging space is highly competitive and to get the best result possible you have to keep the blog’s SEO optimized.

Content marketing and its types

To keep the blog SEO you have to include relevant keywords, images, videos, etc. Including all these things in your blog will make it more interesting and helpful for the readers to engage with and intrigue them to learn more about your SaaS product. 


Consumption of video content is more than ever and these numbers are enough to prove it. And this high consumption of video is a great opportunity for your marketing to showcase your SaaS product and entice the customers. 

Now you might think, will someone even see a video? Well to your surprise more than 88% of people would like to see good videos from their favourite brands. So don’t worry about whether people will see your SaaS product video or not because they certainly will. 

But make sure you make the videos informative and engaging so that you hold their attention. This is important because you only have 8 seconds to get their attention so you better make them count.


We all have heard about the word “Influencer” but did you ever think of it as a big opportunity to promote your SaaS business

If yes then really good for you and if not then you should start now.

It’s important because it’s expected that influencer marketing is expected to be a 16.4 Billion USD industry by this year-end. 

Influencer marketing Graph

To use this type of content marketing all you have to do is reach out to potential influencers who understand your SaaS product.  And ask them to vouch for your product on social platforms which will help build trust amongst people about your SaaS product.


There are a lot of technical terms and data points associated when it comes to SaaS products which becomes a little difficult for the consumer to understand. 

But this pain point can be resolved if you utilize infographics in your content strategy. Infographics are a means to convey complex knowledge to consumers with the help of graphs and easy representation.

Using infographics can be very beneficial for your SaaS business because according to a report readers retain 65% of knowledge when paired with the right infographics. And that’s why 65% of brands use infographics as part of their content strategy. 


Yet another Billion dollar content marketing type that you can make part of your SaaS content marketing strategy. 

Using this content marketing type will help you promote your SaaS product in a more personal manner. We say this because here you’ll get a chance to personally send a mail to every user and start a fruitful conversation.

Email marketing picture

But it’s easier than done because email content marketing isn’t about writing emails and sending them only. For this strategy to work successfully you need to have a great subject line intriguing the user to open the mail.

Also, you’ll need to analyze the campaign to understand how it’s performing and what needs to be changed or modified. 


It won’t be wrong on our part to say that podcasts are fairly new compared to other types of content marketing

Now some might wonder how a podcast will help them promote their SaaS product. But before we go into it first understand what podcast content marketing is.

Podcast logo for SaaS marketing

It can be simply understood as a means to promote or sell your product to a larger audience with the help of audio content. 

Many businesses over the years have started using it to promote their SaaS products and gain customer trust which ultimately leads to more sales.

The 10 Commandments Of Leverage Content Marketing For SaaS Industry That Work

Utilizing content marketing to promote your SaaS product\business is like running a marathon because it takes time to plan and get results from it.

But there are certain rules that if you follow those you’ll increase your content marketing efficiency and productivity. 

Here are the ten commandments that you should follow to completely leverage content marketing for your SaaS business

Select the right platform

You don’t see a real estate salesman in a doctor’s office, instead your chances of seeing a life insurance salesman sitting there are pretty high. 

Just like this, you are offering Software As A Service, so it’s not a good idea to go and promote on Snapchat. We are not saying that you won’t get results you will but very slow and low results. 

Infographic image of Social media logo

So you must choose the right platform to promote your SaaS business. According to Zenpost, 94% of marketers use LinkedIn for their SaaS promotions so too must focus (atleast primarily) in that direction. 

Understand your buyer

Imagine you went to see a doctor for some medical thing. But the doctor without even asking you about your problem gives you the medicine. 

So how would something like this make you feel our guess is not too great right?

Just like this when you sell your product to a customer who does not need it then how do you think they will react? 

That’s why you should not be in a hurry to sell your SaaS product in a hurry and first understand your audience and their pain points to shape a better content marketing strategy.

Develop quality content

Let’s carry on with our doctor analogy. Now imagine that the doctor does give you the medication but it’s not effective. 

Now, what will you do? Probably you’ll go to a new doctor, right?

Just like this when you don’t create great content for your SaaS marketing strategy people will not engage with it which will lead to lower lead generation.

So make sure you create content that engages with the audience so they don’t go to another doctor.

Optimize your content

Let’s continue.

You went to a doctor’s office and you heard that he\she provides very good treatment. But when you went to meet them their office or location was not very good and had zero management.

Infographic of a person who is optimizing content

Again what will you do? We guess that you won’t go in there and find another doctor. 

The same goes with your content if you don’t optimize your content then the Google crawlers won’t crawl it. That’s why optimizing the content of your SaaS content marketing strategy is very crucial.

Select the right strategy

Now imagine yourself as the doctor right? 

You have to operate on a patient for a certain ailment and you are all prepared for it. But during the operation, you use some other method and he\she had some complications. 

How would he\she react? Anything but happy right?

The same goes with your content marketing strategy if you don’t plan it right you won’t see the best results. Which ultimately will lead to poor sales and that’s not something you or any other marketer want. 

Don’t forget to educate

A doctor never wants to see a patient suffer again and again. The same goes for the patient after all nobody wants to be sick again and again. 

So it’s the duty of the doctor to educate him\her about what causes the suffering and how they can prevent it from happening again. 

And that’s exactly what you need to do with your SaaS marketing strategy because you wouldn’t want people to have any doubts about your SaaS business. 

This is where having the right content, the right platform and the right strategy plays a crucial role.

Engage with your audience

Remember the time when the doctor used to distract you with small talk when you went there for an injection? If you don’t remember then you can go online and see a video on YouTube and you’ll understand what we are talking about.

The idea behind that is to distract you from the problem (the pain of the injection) and offer a solution (the small talk). 

You need to do the same with your audience where you engage with them on different social channels like blogs, webinars, etc and understand their pain points. 

And as a solution to their problem you have to offer your SaaS product as a solution. That’s why you need to engage with your audience and get the best result.

Use tools if necessary

Remember when you were operating on a patient? Let’s explore it a little more. Imagine you are in an operation theater and you are reluctant to not use new tools and any tool (surgical tool). 

Chances are you can lose the patient or give them serious complications right? That’s why you should use the tools if necessary.

The same goes for SaaS content marketing because the content and SaaS space are ever-changing and highly competitive. So whenever you think there is a need for a tool then don’t hesitate to use it and reach your potential customer.

Be consistent

Now imagine yourself as a patient who is on medication for certain ailments. Now for you to get the better and the best result from the medication you’ll have to complete the entire course and keep yourself consistent with the medication.


That’s exactly what you must do with your SaaS content marketing strategy. Earlier we pointed out that content marketing is a marathon and not a sprint. 

So to get the best result you’ll have to keep consistent and publish on different social media channels. Not only this but also engage with your audience from time to time.

Analyze and make amendments 

Now we guess you must be considering yourself more of a doctor than a marketer. Then we would request you to imagine you to do it one more time. 

So now if you want to be the best doctor in your field then you will have to keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in your field. 


This holds for almost every field and SaaS content marketing is no different. Here to get the best results you have to analyze your SaaS content and see how it is performing. 

And if you think there need to be any amendments you should make them and leverage the power of SaaS content marketing. 

Now that’s enough about the rules of content marketing, it’s time we help you create a content strategy that will provide you with the best results.

A Few Quick Tips to Help You to Create the Best Leverage Content For Saas Industry Company

Having a content strategy will not help you reach your target audience, it will help you measure its success easily. To help you with creating a robust content marketing strategy here are some useful tips

  1. Have a clear goal in mind
  2. Have a clear understanding of your audience
  3. Pick the right combination of social channels to use
  4. Select the type of content marketing you think will be best for your SaaS product
  5. Create a SaaS content calendar and stick with it
  6. Analyze your current position to better measure the success of the content strategy

These are some tips that you should keep in mind when you design your SaaS content marketing strategy.

There is still one question that still hasn’t been addressed. You must be wondering what the question is. 

Well, that’s what the next segment of the article is about.

How Is Content Marketing Different From Other Forms Of Marketing?

The aspect that sets content marketing apart from the other form of marketing is that it aims to answer the queries of the customers. Wherein the other form of marketing aims to sell their SaaS product to potential customers.

Other important aspects that set content marketing apart from the other forms are

  1. Low investment cost
  2. Easy to measure and analyze
  3. Helps you build brand awareness
  4. It’s an evergreen form of marketing
  5. Helps you leverage the power of the latest social media trends
  6. You can have a conversation with your potential target


Hopefully, after reading this article you now have a better understanding of SaaS content marketing strategy. And how you can leverage it to increase your SaaS business revenue sales. 

So, if you are a SaaS company looking to leverage the power of content marketing make sure you select the SaaS marketing agency that checks all the boxes mentioned above.

Do let us know if we might have missed something or if there is a scope for improvement in the comment section.


How does content marketing benefit SaaS companies?

SaaS companies benefit greatly from content marketing because with the help of content companies can help people understand their services in a very easy and interactive manner.

What is SaaS content marketing?

It can be simply understood as making use of content marketing to educate people and increase your SaaS product’s brand awareness.

How do you create a marketing strategy for SaaS?

You can create a content strategy for a SaaS business by simply following these tips

  • Understand your audience
  • Have a clear goal
  • Define your KPIs
  • Select the right type of content marketing
How do I create content for SaaS?

There are no set rules that you need to follow to create content for your SaaS product. But remember to keep all the above-mentioned points in mind when you start preparing your SaaS content. 

Another important thing to remember is that you have to write content for the audience to address their pain points and how your SaaS product will help them.

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