Top 50 free SEO tool

Top 50+ Free SEO Tools and their Uses

Have you ever spent long, tedious hours of keyword research? Is your purpose ensuring they are highly targeted and relevant? Are you one of those who get confused hopping from one tool to another, not getting a clue which one to use? Sounds relatable? We know the challenges you have been through while penning down your SEO strategies. It is especially if you are new to this game. But not anymore! We have listed the top most efficient and commonly used SEO tools. These would boost your conversions and growth. So, keep on reading!

What Are SEO Tools? 

The short answer is that SEO tools help you rank higher on the SERPs (search engine results pages). They can drive more website traffic. In addition, SEO tools simplify and hasten your digital marketing tasks. These can be keyword research analysis and data analysis. Other than that, there are content planning and optimization. Moreover, it also includes social media optimization, etc. The best SEO devices provide real-time and accurate reports and analytics. This will help you gain insights into your business parameters. As a result, it enables you to make more informed decisions. You can gain vital business intelligence about your competitors’ activities and strategies. Thus, you can stay ahead of the competition. Furthermore, you can learn about your customer’s buying habits, and personal preferences. Besides, you can learn about other demographics.  

Why are SEO Tools Important to Optimize Your Website? 

An ideal SEO tool can enable you to investigate the huge potential of web pages. They can do so by providing targeted keywords and backlinks. You will also receive alerts about your website’s health and success. This will help you discover gaps and rectify them well in time. The free SEO tools would also prevent issues and identify weaknesses. These may hamper your visibility and ranking on the SERPs. SEO tools may come to your rescue when you are managing multiple websites. They can do so by saving you time and other resources. You can instantly check your site’s performance and health. To do this, there is no need to maintain too many messy spreadsheets. Moreover, spreadsheets are prone to human errors. As a result, you can rest assured of enjoying accuracy and credibility here. All your website analytics and business insights are generated with a click!  

Top 51 Best Free SEO Tools 

Without beating around the bush, let’s check out the best SEO tools we have at hand, that too, for free!  


Ahrefs is a popular name in the list of free SEO tools. It is one of the most recommended by digital marketers. It is also the second-largest website crawler after Google. The tool highlights the parts of your site that you can work on to rank higher. Using Ahrefs, you can also check your competitor’s backlinks and use them to boost your brand. 


This is another popular name in the world of SEO. This is because it is an excellent keyword research tool. Moreover, it also provides insights into competitors’ strategies. Its features include researching specific queries. It also features deriving information on another website’s backlinks. Besides, you can also check what keywords your rivals are ranking for. Also, you can check your competitors’ media ads and campaign strategies. 

Google Search Console: 

This free SEO checker from Google offers various tools. It helps you rank higher for ultra-targeted search terms and key phrases. The ones your audience is looking for. Other services include Google index, crawling errors, generating mobile responsiveness reports, etc. 


KWFinder is an efficient free keyword research tool. It allows you to find and analyze long-tail keywords. They are the ones having lower search volumes and competition. You can also generate analysis reports on your backlinks and SERP performance. 

Moz Pro: 

Being another name in the list of best SEO tools, Moz Pro can be considered a complete SEO powerhouse! With Moz Pro, you can research keyword competitiveness and search volume. You can also check on-page SEO suggestions along with error alerts. It is a Chrome Extension to check other domains, and the list is endless! 

Answer The Public: 

This SEO tool is a savior for content creators and social media teams. It provides innumerable topics and ideas for blogs. You simply need to type in your keyword or niche and are presented with a list of the most searched questions. 


 Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool. It was developed by a renowned figure in digital marketing, Neil Patel. It helps identify relevant and target keywords. You can learn the search intent behind every keyword, even the long-tail key phrases. They will boost your organic SEO and PPC campaigns. 

Google Analytics: 

This is a highly recommended tool by Google. It offers a comprehensive solution for serious digital marketers. In this SEO optimizer, you can get hold of vital data about websites. This will include insights on traffic sources, site visits, location demographics, etc. 


BuzzStream has a few key features. It includes gathering data about your domain authority and age. They also feature researching competitor-based targeted keywords. You can also locate social media accounts, track competitors’ SERP rankings, etc. 

HubSpot Website Grader: 

  This SEO tool can automatically generate your site’s report card. It will comprise actionable insights simply by entering your website URL. You can also get recommendations for improving the scores. It is the one you receive for each parameter or metric. 

Bing Webmaster: 

Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools provides free access to numerous tools. They provide website insights like diagnostics, reporting, website analysis, managing backlinks, and more. 

DreamHost SEO Toolkit: 

This one is from DreamHost. It performs a comprehensive website audit and identifies potential SEO threats or gaps. It keeps you updated with weekly performance reports. Besides, it tracks up to 20 keywords, along with that of four competitors, and so on. 

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools: 

This is yet another free SEO checker from Ahrefs. It lets you monitor your site’s SEO health and learn deeper insights. For instance, who’s linking to your site. You can also identify the keywords you are ranking for in Google’s search results. 


With Linkody, you can analyze your site’s backlinks. You can also generate backlink reports, and monitor your social shares. 

Google AdWords Keyword Planner: 

This is a website SEO checker from Google. It provides a comprehensive solution to all your SEO problems. Besides, it can also look up search volumes for specific keywords. You can also generate detailed keyword reports. Moreover, you can determine a particular keyword’s competitiveness and potential. 


MozBar is a free Chrome Extension. It helps users optimize their SEO strategies on the move. You can also get efficient link metrics for domains and pages. 


Majestic is a great free backlink checker. It helps you find the best keywords while gaining overall site performance analytics. You can also check the number of backlinks your site has. 

Yoast SEO: 

This is regarded as one of the best WordPress SEO plugins. It has complete features like conducting readability checks, and keyword optimization. It also helps avoid duplicate content, manage critical SEO tasks, etc. 


WooRank offers an entire report card of your site’s health. Thus, it helps in improving its performance, usability, and mobile-friendliness. 


Seolyzer can analyze and manage unique KPIs, monitor SEO issues. It helps to measure SEO impact and compare web pages. 

Screaming Frog: 

Screaming Frog is basically an SEO Spider Tool. It lets you track and fix redirects and broken links. It also analyses metadata and titles and discovers duplicate content. 

Linkable has a unique SEO approach. It helps expand your website traffic. It allows the marketer to post specific requests on the Linkable website. Based on your requirements and website health, the tool will offer reliable ways. With this, you can create backlinks, boost SEO, optimize your website, and so on. 

Google Trends is not new in the SEO market. It offers great insights regarding trending topics, top queries, and customer interests. Moreover, it also offers targeted geographical locations based on specific interest groups. 


Serpstat is a relatively new SEO checker. It provides data-driven analytical tools. This include SEO auditing, competitor tracking, backlink checker, and overall website monitoring. 


BROWSEO lets you review your web pages’ content and UX performance. You can also see the number of words on a web page, your metadata, and your internal and external links. 

Slickplan Sitemap Builder: 

This tool helps SEO marketers visualize, plan., and develop sitemaps. It uses its simple drag-and-drop interface. You can choose from its free templates too. 


This is a great email marketing tool that helps to connect with more prospects. All you need to do is type in a domain name. will generate a list of professional email addresses. These are the ones belonging to that domain. 


RankMath is an effective WordPress SEO plugin. It is designed for technical and on-page SEO. You can add all your metadata in one go without adding them separately or manually. 


This is a perfect tool for people looking for the common questions asked by people. One simply needs to put in the search term, query, or brand name to get a list of commonly asked queries found on the web. 


Keyworddit is a Reddit keyword research tool. It is designed to extract keywords from Subreddits. It will do so along with the context each keyword appeared in. 


This can be your go-to image optimizer. It is especially when you wish to reduce your site’s page load time. With Shortpixel, you can compress, resize, and optimize your images. As a result, it saves big on your file size. 


SpyFu helps to gain insights into how many times your keyword is getting searched. Moreover, it helps to find what are their monthly clicks. This search volume is necessary while deciding which keyword to work on and how. 


Cloudflare renders safety and security for your website. They can do so by automatically providing free SSL certificates. HTTPS acts as a significant ranking factor by protecting your site. 


GTmetrix is a website optimizing and analyzing tool. It provides vital information regarding your site’s performance. It can do so while allowing you to gauge your page load time. 

It shows you the top few backlinks to any particular website. You simply need to enter the site’s URL on the search bar. This helps to check different parameters. for instance, the number of referring domains, and domain ratings, etc. 

Keywords Everywhere: 

This SEO keyword tool is another useful Chrome extension. It consolidates all your data from different sources. These Google Analytics, Google Trends, Google Search Console, and more. It saves you from those messy experiences of scrolling through data scattered everywhere! 

txt Generator: 

With this tool, you can generate well-formatted robots.txt files. This will help to tell a web spider which areas are ‘crawlable’ and which are not. A robots.txt file can include your sitemap too. 

Hreflang Tag Generator: 

It helps you can generate hreflang tags (an HTML attribute). This will help to specify your site’s language and ultra-geographical targeting. It comes in handy while managing and optimizing different websites in multiple languages. 

Fat Rank: 

Fat Rank is another real-time and accurate SEO Chrome Extension. It allows you to analyze your site’s performance and lets you optimize your keywords better. 

Brightlocal’s Local SERP Checker: 

 This tool allows you to see search results from any location. You can search by city, country, or even zip code. Thus, providing granular geo-targeted results. 

Google Data Studio: 

Data Studio helps users extract. It helps to merge from multiple sources and tools. This includes Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Thus, getting highly efficient and accurate data visualizations. 

Google Business Profile Manager: 

This tool lets you manage your local business visibility. It is possible controlling how they appear on Google Maps and Google Search. 

Pro Rank Tracker: 

A free cloud keyword tracker generates advanced site performance reports. It suggests the keywords you need to target. 

Wayback Machine: 

This tool lets you see how a particular website used to look sometime in the past. thus acting like a website’s time machine. How cool is that! You can take historical screenshots of that old webpage version and store them. This is especially helpful while restoring old website data.. It is helpful when you may have lost or checking how broken links used to be. Thi way you can replicate and relaunch the lost content. 

Crazy Egg: 

It’s a well-known tool for heatmap generation and click-trading. Hence, it is unique compared to other SEO tools. Using Crazy Egg, you can track your visitors’ behavior on your web pages. 


Seobility can find technical errors on your website. While, it also offers accurate SEO scoring, suggests link structures, fixing server errors. Besides, it helps understand specific SEO issues with your metadata. Thus, it helps in filling up your on-page SEO gaps. 

Rank Math Plugin: 

It’s a WordPress plugin that allows users to optimize their website content. It is possible by adding metadata, and identifying and fixing dead links. Moreover, it helps in easily structuring their data. 

SERP Similarity: 

This tool quickly tells you the relation between two similar keywords. In this way, you can compare several keywords. It lets you learn whether two similar keywords are suitable to be targeted on the same web page. 


SEOQuake’s services include link analysis, auditing your website’s SEO. It also helps in generating metrics that really matter. Other than that, it helps in sharing your reports with stakeholders. 


Siteliner is an SEO checker. It lets you track duplicate content, average page load speeds, broken links. Moreover, you can find the total number of internal links created, and more. 

Keyword Hero: 

If you are missing any vital keyword data, Keyword Hero can help you out. It uses advanced machine learning and AI technologies. It is clubbed with advanced math calculations to fill all your gaps. 


Gone are the days when people spent hours researching keywords. This was to determine the best content marketing strategy. Not only are manual methods subject to errors, but they are highly time-consuming too! You can simplify your organic SEO and paid PPC strategies now. You can do so the abovementioned free SEO tools. Most importantly, using these tools, you can get real-time insights into what’s working and what’s not. So start exploring them today to master the digital marketing game!  


Q. 1. How do I get free SEO Tools on Google? 

Choosing the right SEO tools is a part of the online marketing game, and you need to do it right! It may be overwhelming to choose a few handfuls from thousands of options out there. You need to prioritize your SEO goals and determine your long and short-term targets. This will help to choose the best SEO solutions for your business. The abovementioned SEO tools offer free services at the primary level. But you can always upgrade to the premium version if you wish to take your SEO optimization game to the next level! At the end of the day, it all depends on your needs and your specific SEO goals and approaches.  

Q. 2. Which is the best Free Keyword Research tool? 

Choosing the best SEO keyword research tool needs some research. Keep in mind crucial parameters. They are popular search queries, search volume, and keyword competitiveness. These are ones which keywords your competitors are ranking for. Besides, you also need to take care of other factors. They are like getting a comprehensive service. Moreover, it is about whether you are able to search ultra-targeted keywords. and long-tail key phrases. All the above has something unique to offer. You can always rely on Ahrefs, SEMRush, Ubersuggest, Moz, Google Search Console, and Google Trends. This will help you to master the art of keyword research. However, try the other recommended keyword researchers as well. They offer simplified solutions to help you stand out in the crowd! 

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