Backlinks Are They Still Play A Major Role In SEO In 2023

Backlinks: Are They Still Play A Major Role In SEO In 2023

Every bone in the human body is important but the backbone we can have is the most important because the nervous system is connected to it. 

Confused? Why are we quoting biology in the SEO article, well it’s because just as the backbone is important for the human body the same way backlinks are for off and on page SEO.

Although over the years the importance of backlinks has taken a back seat with all the Google algorithm updates. Still, they are a crucial factor that plays an important role in your website ranking. 

And that’s what we will discuss in detail in this article. We will discuss their importance, how you can gather backlinks for your website and a lot more. But before we move ahead with that let us first understand what backlinks in SEO are.

Links you get from one website to another are known as backlinks. To put it simply it’s like a reference that you get from one website to the other. 

They are considered a vote of trust by Google which helps rank your content high in the search result. So the more trust votes (SEO backlinks) you have for your website the better it is for your website ranking. 

This happens because search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing consider high-quality backlinks as a sign that people are engaging with the content and it is adding value to their search query. And that’s what a search engine’s goal is to provide people with relevant content based on their search query. 

Not only this but having backlinks entails several other benefits making them a must to be included in your SEO optimization strategy.                   

The ultimate goal of every website is to improve or grow its SERP ranks, which is made possible through backlinks. So simply put the more backlinks the more traffic will be.

In addition to helping people locate your website among the millions of others on the internet, backlinks are crucial for SEO.

Let’s examine how SEO backlinks may improve a website’s functionality.

  1. Increases Website’s Domain Strength And Authority

Having backlinks is a sign that people are engaging with your content and are finding it helpful for their search queries. Also, having high-quality backlinks also implies that users on trustworthy websites will recommend your website to many others.

increase domain authority

This leads to an increase in domain authority and strength which is a factor which Google considers for ranking your website. So, if you have a good SEO backlinks portfolio will increase your website’s domain authority which will increase your search rankings. 

  1. Increase Visibility For Website

Backlinks lead people from one relevant website to the other which is relevant to their search query. And as more individuals visit your website thanks to backlinks, it will become more visible online. As a result, your website\blog will see an increase in visitors and potential clients.

increase visibility for website

So it’s fair to say that, if you want to increase your website’s online visibility you should work to obtain SEO backlinks because it is advantageous to both your consumers and search engines.

  1. Are Valuable In Terms Of Traffic Generator 

We all know that traffic to a website is crucial to its success since a website cannot prosper without visitors. Traffic must be directed to a site on a regular basis through high-quality backlinks. 

Backlinking is primarily used as a technique for building traffic as part of a digital marketing link-building strategy. 

Therefore, having high-quality backlinks is a good method to drive referral traffic to a particular website or webpage, while low-quality backlinks generate little or no traffic to that website or webpage. 

So, if you aren’t getting any new traffic from the link you have, you should think about changing it.

  1. Are Still Considered In Ranking Factor

The Google search algorithm still relies heavily on backlinks for ranking. We say this because having good keywords is great but having high-authority backlinks associated with those keywords is even greater. 

Especially with all the Google updates websites with low-quality backlink profiles, should pay attention to their backlink profiles if they want to rank well in SERP results.

Because when Google sees many links pointing back to a particular page, it assumes that the page has exceptional value and comes from a reliable source.  But make sure you don’t have low authority backlinks as they can harm your website ranking.

Now that you understand the importance of link building it’s time to learn how you can make quality backlinks in SEO. 

There are various actions you may take to boost the number of backlinks on your website.

  1. Publish high-quality content

Content is king and everyone likes being associated with the king. Right?

The same goes for your website. If you publish high-quality content that is helpful to the user then Google will rank it higher in search results. 

high quality content

And this makes it demanding meaning it will be easy to get backlinks from high-authority websites because your content generates traffic. 

Meaning if they link to your website they will get high referral traffic so it’s a win-win for both parties involved. 

  1. Try copying your competitor

Now some of you might think that this method of making SEO backlinks is wrong but hear us out.

In no way we are saying that you should copy the entire link building strategy of your competitors. Instead what we are implying by this point is to learn from them and see where they are getting links from and you too can get the backlinks from the same sources.

Doing so will save your efforts of finding the right sources so you can put them into promoting your website on social channels. 

  1. Get creative with infographics

Attracting people to your website is the main task and that becomes a little bit easy if you publish creative content on your website. And you can do this by publishing creative infographics.

Also, in recent years, infographics have grown in popularity as a means of link development. Infographics are very shareable and easy to grasp due to the combination of pictures and written material. Infographics are frequently used in the content of popular websites.

creative with infographic

There are several approaches to using infographics for backlinks development. To begin, you may design infographics for your own website. People will most likely utilize it if it is intriguing. Meaning you will get SEO backlinks from high-quality websites which will increase your search rankings and domain authority. 

  1. Fix your broken links

The broken link construction strategy is a lesser-known method of developing backlinks. This strategy of making backlinks entails locating broken links on websites and telling them about the broken connection and then recommending other websites to replace the link with. 

fix broken links

Of course, you would endorse your own website. Because you are theoretically doing the webmaster a favour by informing them of broken links, they may be more inclined to include your link than others.

Also, you can use Google extensions which will make it simple to find broken links.

  1. Appear in podcasts and interviews

Appearing in interviews and podcasts is a new way to increase your business brand awareness. This is because the consumption of such media has increased amongst the masses and is a great way to interact with your customers. 

But to get high-quality backlinks from podcasts and interviews it is extremely important that you generate relevant content. 

podcast interview

Although it’s not clear what criteria Google considers “quality” when it classifies a website, a few high-quality backlinks combined with great keywords and content can make a significant difference.

  1. Gain trust with testimonials and reviews

By now you must be very clear that backlinks from high-authority sites are desired by marketers. But the issue is that those huge sites aren’t giving backlinks to everyone who asks for them. However, there are several simple ways to obtain them. A testimonial or review is frequently a viable alternative.

A testimonial will assist a consumer in making a purchase. As a result, testimonials are a significant resource for increasing your search rankings and gaining high-quality backlinks. If you were a prior customer of that organization, you might inquire about this option.

You may also use reviews to develop links on third-party websites. For example, websites are devoted to collecting and disseminating company reviews.

  1. Try guest posting

Saving the best for the last because guest blogging is still amongst the best methods to gather high-quality backlinks for your website. It’s an excellent approach for increasing social media followers, boosting traffic, and constructing high-quality backlinks.

try guest blogging

This is because thousands of website owners are seeking content but lack the time or funds to pay for professional services. 

These websites will enable you to write a guest post for them in exchange for a link back to your own. You may simply locate these sites by conducting an online search.

Google and other search engines benefit websites with great content and link-building strategies by ranking them higher in search results. But is it that easy to get Google’s attention? Definitely not!

Although if you include internal and external links in your link building strategy then these chances increase significantly. However, there are many people who are confused and how these links benefit their website. 

So let’s have a look at them in detail and how they can improve your website rankings

Imagine you have a big house with multiple doors and when someone visits your house they open the door within a door to start exploring your house. So the more they go inside your house the more they will praise it. 


The same goes for your website where an internal link is a link within your website which takes the user from one page to the other. 

For instance, right here we are talking about the relevance of backlinks in 2023

and if you want to learn about the different types of backlinks then we will insert a link. And this link is an internal link which leads you further within the website. 

Now let us see the benefits of having internal links

  1. Improved user experience
  2. Improves crawl efficiency
  3. Improves keyword ranking
  4. Improve customer conversion

Let’s continue the same analogy of you having a big house but this time you share a common door to yet another beautiful house which belongs to someone else. But both these houses got their architecture done by the same individual. 

So when a person opens the common door they go inside another person’s house and start praising the house for its different aspects. 

Just like this when you have a link that takes people from your website to some other website that is known as an external link. Although you have to keep in mind that external links should be relevant to the user search query. 

Now let’s see how these links improve your website 

  1. Improves domain authority
  2. Improves your overall SEO performance
  3. Improves brand awareness
  4. Improves backlinking opportunities 


Without a doubt, backlinks are essential and why is it so we have pointed that out in this article. Although you should keep in mind that backlinks are important, it’s important that they are from good authority websites and relevant to your niche.

Also, make sure you publish great quality content with relevant keywords so your chances of getting high authority backlinks will increase. This will also be beneficial for the Google algorithm which will help you increase your website ranking. 

And that’s what the goal is. 


  • Is it important to create quality backlinks to drive traffic?

Yes, having quality backlinks to your website will put your content in front of the right audience which will increase digital footfall. Also, SEO backlinks serve as a vote of trust for the Google algorithm which helps search engines to rank your website higher in search results. 

  • What is the difference between on-page and off-page SEO? 

On and off-page SEO are like two sides of the same coin. Wherein on-page SEO revolves around making changes to the website, content, page speed, etc to improve your page ranking. To put it simply it’s about making changes that are under your control. 

Off-page SEO, on the other hand, is about improving a website’s SEO by promoting it via social channels, creating backlinks, etc. Meaning the factors that improve your off-page SEO are not fully under your control. 

  • What are the key factors to creating a quality backlink?

Some important factors that you should keep in mind whilst making backlinks are

  1. Domain authority
  2. Page rank
  3. Anchor text
  4. Backlink type
  5. Relevancy
  6. Diversity

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