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Leverage the Power of Social Media with Industry Experts for Digital First Growth

This webinar was conducted by Tasees where Mr Ravi participated as the keynote speaker. The goal of the webinar was to discuss certain important aspects of digital marketing, especially social media. 

Grow Social Media

Note – This webinar was conducted keeping the audience of Oman in mind but the knowledge and working methodologies shared can be used globally by anyone. 

The pain points that were discussed during this webinar were

  1. Is social media growing your business?
  2. How to connect with customers via digital mediums
  3. How to engage and nurture customers

Even before addressing any of the above-mentioned points, Mr Ravi pointed out some amazing facts about the audience of Oman.

To make this session even more interesting and engaging Mr Ravi decided to make it a full-on interactive session by completely analyzing a brand from scratch. And for this session, he picked FA services. 

Another important thing that you all should keep in mind is that since the webinar is based on leveraging the power of social media, so the platform for analysis is Instagram. 

Things to Know About FA Services

Target location – Within Oman and GCC

Audience – Men and women of the age group 15-45 years, of all nationalities, residing within Oman for the time being to be extended to GCC soon.

Now that you know about the FA service audience let us see what Mr Ravi has to say about them and how they can improve their social presence using social media

Things To Keep in Mind Based On Expert Analysis

Expert Analysis
  1. The first thing that Mr Ravi pointed out was that it is really important to give a proper brand name to your business. Doing will help you convey the right message to your audience and help in building trust.
  1. You (FA services) need to have a much clearer boundary of the age group. As it will help them better target their audience and measure the results of the same.
  1. When you (FA services) wrote posts with some content they got a better engagement. Meaning when you write content that people relate to, you get better engagement because people understand better about your services or products.
  1. There is no number to how many posts you can do in a day or a month. But the key thing to remember is to stay consistent and relevant with the content that you post.
  1. It’s a good idea to publish at a predefined time so that you reach your audience in a much-targeted manner.
  1. Use the popular hashtags that are getting the maximum search volume. 
  1. Add the right bio on your Instagram account, and check the visibility (privacy) of your account because if you are a business it will be very beneficial to get these things in order.
  1. One thing that you should remember about Instagram is that it is all about visuals, something that aspires the users to connect with your brand. 

To which Mr Ravi suggests FA services to humanize their feed, meaning adding more lively images and content where they (audience) can see themselves if they go with your product or service. 

  1. Try to create posts that grab people’s attention in a short time. It is because people don’t really read long paragraphs on Instagram so if you can create a post that speaks thousands of words with just images it will do wonders for your brand engagement. 

After these generic updates, Mr Ravi shared a few tips, especially for FA service 

PS – FA services fall under the beauty industry

  • Publish content that your audience can relate too
  • Use creative means like emojis, and memes yet in a professional manner to convey your emotions
  • Avoid using spammy CTAs
  • Be creative with the content that you post 

Also, he shared some hacks that they (Beauty Brands) can use to grow their media reach

Beauty Brands
  1. Use the right format for the content that you create. Make sure you use high-quality images and music so the user can clearly see your post.
  2. Try to keep the caption as short as possible. This is because the average attention span is about 8 seconds. So it’s advisable to keep the caption between 130 to 150  characters.
  3. Make use of proper hashtags in a mix of macro and micro hashtags. You can go with 5-10 hashtags per post. You should use location-specific hashtags based on your product and services.
  4. Create different posts of purpose, brand building and value addition. Also, you should remember to use different captions, tone, hashtags, etc. based on the post type. 
  5. Don’t try to sell your product every time you post something on social media. So try to make your content humorous and engaging.

At the end of the detailed analysis, Mr Ravi pointed out the most important criteria for any business to grow its digital presence. 

  1. Purpose of the brand
  2. The obvious emotional truth of the consumer
  3. The problem you are solving
  4. What are your USPs as a brand
  5. What makes your brand the best
  6. What makes your product the best

If you are clear on these five aspects of your business then you can grow your brand very easily with the power of social media.

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