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Leveraging Video Marketing For Ecommerce Seo

Video marketing has become one of the trendy marketing strategies for the digital age. Today, every second online store is using video marketing strategy as part of their Ecommerce SEO for how it helps improve the brand’s page engagement. According to Sprout Video’s video psychology, viewers retain a message’s 95% information when it is conveyed through a video rather than a message. Only 10% of people remember a message through text, while the remaining prefer videos. This means a page is more engaging when watched rather than read. 

Video SEO is the powerhouse of engagement for the following reasons. 

How does Video SEO improve page engagement?

The implementation of Ecommerce video marketing has helped improve page engagement. Here is how. 

Conversion Rate Increase:

According to the Video Marketing Statistics 2024, brands have experienced a substantial increase in conversion rates. 81% of marketers say video SEO has directly helped with increasing sales. Since 2016, 91% brands have been using video marketing strategies for maintaining all-time high engagement. 

Ecommerce SEO Improvement:

According to digital marketing statistics, 86% of businesses use video marketing as an important tool. Sites with high-quality video content gain higher positions and comparatively more visitors as people are engaged in the video and tend to stay longer on the page. In fact, e-commerce video marketing is likely to improve 50X organic traffic

Reduction Of Product Returns And Support Queries:

Visual exposure helps customers understand the depth of the products, thus improving their decision-making power and helping them make the right choice. 

Better Exposure And A More Recognizable Brand:

Today, brands’ intent is not just about marketing the product but about building an emotional connection with customers. This is only possible with engaging video content. Comforting your audiences by building a closer connection through video and creating content that answers the audience’s queries can help improve the brand’s image and engage audiences with the video. 

Video marketing is not just about creating and posting; it is about making efforts to produce high-quality videos with engaging video titles, descriptions, and search engine tags, as each of these plays its part in ecommerce video marketing. 

How Does Optimizing Video Titles, Descriptions, And Tags?

Titles Help Grab Attention

The video’s title is the first thing that the audience notices, and this is the convincing force to watch the video. So, make a good choice. Use clear, precise and on-point language that talks about the essence of the video. Include keywords in the title that add to the relevancy and engage the target audience. Also, try to pique curiosity in the audience, which excites the viewers to click on the video. 

Detailed And Engaging Video Description Drives More Audiences

Your video description is an additional perk, giving you the opportunity for both video SEO and content SEO. So, add additional context to the content that drives users to watch the video. The description of the video must be concise and summarise the video’s content, prompt key pointers, and include relevant keywords. 

One can even use timestamps for visit specific sections in the video. 

Meta Tags Help Improve The Relevancy

Meta tags help with understanding the relevancy of videos. So, include a list of specific and broad tags describing the video content.

Moreover, the tags must align with the target audience, keywords, and video topics. Also, avoid unnecessary tags, as they will affect the video’s performance negatively. 

Strategic Keywords Implementation Helps Making Videos Discoverable

Keywords play a vital role in making videos discoverable in search results. Search for keywords using tools that can help with the ones that rank more and add to the relevancy of the content. Add these keywords naturally in the content’s title and description to improve the chances of visibility. 

How To Take Your Seo Videos To A Wider World?

Ecommerce video marketing is about driving brand-related videos to multiple online platforms for improving the reach and brand visibility. But apart from the SEO platforms, SMM platforms and influencer marketing also play a crucial role in improving brand marketing. Use platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. to engage crowd and improve the products visibility. Here are some of the strategies for successful implementation of the same with the help of influencer marketing.

Create an Unboxing Video 

This marketing video gives detailed content from the unboxing stage to the final application. For this, seek videos by giving the product to the influencer who will film your product’s video step by step. Here, the influencer’s reaction and the quality of the video plays a crucial role for stopping the audience from scrolling. 

Teach Customers How to Use Your Product with a “How-to” Video

A “how-to” video can be another superior way of introducing audiences to your brand by teaching about the product and how to use it. For this, you can create videos with an influencer who teaches the consumer about the usage of the product. In this way, you are leveraging the brands video marketing by introducing something new to the customers, establishing the value of the product, and generating curiosity in the crowd. 

Use a Q&A Video to Promote Your Brand

Q&A round of influencer videos is a more engaging way of clearing doubts of customers who are too lazy reading on the manual. For them, such influencer videos are a solution to convince them to use the product and buy it more often as their existing doubts are cleared. 

Run a Contest on Instagram

This is one of the most effective ways of creating buzz among the audience. Running a contest will help with creating more views and engagement, and also help with introducing the brand to a wider audience. 

From strategic ecommerce video marketing to influencer marketing, videos play a crucial role in improving the brand’s image and increasing the overall sales. You only need to know how to optimize your video for online stores and post those effectively to improve the brand’s reach. For this, you can seek help from OPositive, the online platform catering to all your SEO and SMM needs. Get in touch with experts and let your product videos reach errands. A team of professionals is here to guide you.

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