local landing page

Local Landing Pages: How Do You Accelerate Your Local Search Game? 

local landing page

The world around us is going global, but there is still so much potential in going local too. It can mean targeting people near your business or simply targeting people who are more relevant to your business. Having a marketing strategy aligned with target customers is crucial for building brand credibility and trust. That’s where landing pages become a big player and now with ‘Local Landing Pages’ in the picture, it has become easier to niche down target customers. Search engine marketing is all about getting organic traffic on the website, but it is also crucial that the right set of audience reaches the right page on your website. The kind of marketing strategy that can make this possible is what will drive a higher conversion rate for your website.

Understanding landing pages 

A landing page is a stand-alone page on a website built for a special purpose and is targeted purely for conversions. These pages are where a potential customer ‘lands’ after seeing a digital advertisement. The focus of a landing page is to convert a website visitor into a customer and to make a sale.

A local landing page is something with a more specific purpose like targeting customers not only of a specific demographic ratio but also of a specific location. They involve keywords like ‘coffee shops near me’ or ‘best transport service provider in Delhi’. Such keywords not only ensure a better ranking on search engines but also a higher conversion rate. As someone searching for keywords like these are more likely to make a purchase.

local landing page

How do landing pages work? 

A landing page is the last stepping stone for our visitors to convert. The purpose of a landing page is to: 

  • Getting sign-ups for newsletters
  • product/service sales
  • Getting bookings/pre-orders
  • Distributing e-books, catalogs, or any other download-able marketing material
  • Driving app downloads
  • Getting event registrations

Also, a landing page is not for: 

  • Presenting your products
  • Interlinking other website pages
  • Telling people about your brand

These purposes can be resolved with the help of the home page and other pages on a website but a landing page is strictly for conversions and that should be its only focus. A lot of brands get carried away and clutter their landing pages with too many distractions and excess information resulting in a lower conversion rate. Some of the best-performing landing pages are minimalistic with a clear focus on conversion. A local landing page is even more focused with keywords that directly target a very specific niche of customers. This is the core reason why the conversion rates of local landing pages are higher.

Connecting with local audiences through local landing pages

Local landing pages are not just there to talk about what you’re selling; they’re designed to fit in with what your target audience is looking for. It’s about showing the perfect solution to a specific problem for your customer. By showing the customer exactly what they need and giving a clear call to action popularly called CTA a business can ensure a high conversion rate. A website with 40 or more landing pages has up to 12 times higher conversion rates than its competitors with fewer or no landing pages.

Local landing page strategies that drive the most traffic:

Some essential elements that are meant to drive a higher conversion rate for your local landing pages are discussed below:

Videos: More than 38% of marketers have admitted videos are the key elements on landing pages that drive conversion. This is why more and more brands are making videos for branding, advertising, and their overall marketing efforts.

Sign-up forms: Sign-up forms on landing pages have the highest conversion rates. This is because visitors are landing here after interacting with an advertisement and they are most likely to be interested in your products/services.

Personalize your CTA: The marketing industry globally has seen a significant shift towards personalization and this trend is here to stay. Personalized CTAs have 202% higher conversion rates than generalized CTAs and these stats are truly shocking and amazing at the same time.

Color of CTA buttons: Every little detail on a landing page matters like the color of a CTA button. The color should be eye-catching and attractive. It is very important to draw attention to the CTA but it is also essential to keep up with the aesthetics of your websites. Blue and green are popular choices for CTA buttons all over the world.

Skip navigation bars: Removing distractions from your landing page not just includes excess information they also include other clickable links other than your CTA. Avoiding excess tabs and links on the page or skipping the navigation bar entirely can largely impact your conversion rate.

Quick loading time: It is no secret that a higher loading time can result in higher bounce rates and that is why it is essential that your landing page loads in 2 seconds or less.

Dynamic landing pages: A dynamic landing page changes information based on the visitor. A dynamic landing page conversion rate is 25% higher than a generic landing page as it is personalized.


Landing pages have been around in the digital marketing industry for quite some time now, and they are not going anywhere. Local landing pages are just landing pages with a better targeting strategy. If you are a business looking forward to stepping up your organic traffic and organic sales game you cannot miss local landing pages. They can make a huge difference in sales and contribute monetarily to your business. They are not just brand awareness campaigns, but conversion machines that can be the secret behind the success of your business. With professional digital marketing agencies like Opositive, you can make a difference in your conversion rates on a large scale.

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