What does our Local Lumina Solution Offer?

Revenue Enhancement

LocaleHarbor employs targeted conversion-focused Advanced SEO strategies to attract more direct bookings, thereby increasing revenue.

Reputation Management

We employ our strategic 4D Model to enhance and establish a positive reputation for your brand throughout the customer journey.

Google Search Optimization

Tailored content and advanced SEO strategies to rank higher in Google's search results, crucial for attracting direct bookings by 5X


LocaleHarbor's strategies negate the need for costly ads, reducing your marketing expenses by 73%


Aims to increase direct bookings, minimizing the reliance on commission-based OTA platforms

Case Studies

Opositive: Your Local Domination Gateway

Internal tool leveraged to access google search console APIs to gather deeper insights at page level

Internal tool to ensure effective crawling by URL verifications at scale upto 1.8 L URLs / hr

Internal tool to keep a hourly check on Digital PRs live status & linkage to the brand site & competitors

Queen+ is our Content Excellence Centre, which combines Opositive’s top-tier industry writers and Partners. With the integration of AI we aim to provide higher and faster impact to your business

Our in-house tool to track your business data in realtime. It’s personalized dashboard for effortless monitoring of more than 100,000 Analytics Data points in a single dashboard.

High authority portals network with DR 70+ as a special focus. It has more than 10,000 subscribers

After client onboarding we craft a strategic roadmap, key objectives to set the stage for success. Our dynamic 'War Strategy' it undergoes quarterly evolution to continually optimize productivity

Your Brand, Elevated

Significant growth you can see in no time!

Increase OTA ratings by 20% through exceptional guest experiences.

Achieve a significant trust score improvement (40-50%) by building guest confidence.

Boost search visibility by at least 55% at a 2X growth rate, putting you in front of more potential guests.

Enhance your digital perception and drive direct bookings for higher profit margins.

Secure a coveted top 3 ranking on SERP for maximum exposure.

Land 3+ featured articles in national and local platforms to showcase your unique offerings.

Curiosity Framework

To define the focus and create achievable targets on a stipulated timeline.

Infinite Intent Ecosystem

To realize the complete untapped potential of search and establish a more efficient way to reach customers.

Quarter War Strategy

Allows us to build the execution road map to success with defined quarter milestones for your business.

Realtime Tracking

Our in-house tools (studio+, crawl+, live+) and a few chosen 3rd party tools enable us to track information of the brand and its selected competitors in Realtime and accelerate your brand execution.

Quality Protocol

We minimize SPAM score and increase longevity of the actions for the brands with our tech-enabled quality process for SEO activities.


We are always on the lookout to try something new which will accelerate growth and have the openness required to innovate.

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