SaaS SEO Strategy For Companies A Complete Guide For 2022

A Complete Guide For SAAS SEO


170 Billion Dollars, that’s a big number and this my friend is the market size of SaaS (Software As A Service) companies as of 2022. This humongous number is expected to grow in the coming years. 

But looking at this significant number makes us realize that SaaS is a big industry and has a significant market share. And when the competition is so huge then making your SaaS business stand out above the competitors is a challenge. 

With many big players like Microsoft with a market share of 17% in the SaaS industry, it becomes a daunting task to make a space for your business. 

But this can be done because we live in a world where smartphones and the Internet are easily accessible to almost everyone. So if your product/service is better than the competitor then no one can stop you from being the leader. 

Although, it’s easier said than done because the Internet is very crowded and chances are your message or your business website might get lost in the crowd. 

Then what can you do about this? 

You can make use of SaaS SEO, which will help you put your business in front of the right people. Before we talk about how you can use B2B SaaS SEO for your business growth let us first understand what is SaaS search optimization? 


SEO for saas companies is not very different from normal SEO practice and can be understood as normal SEO. But there is a silver lining and that is when a company offers SaaS products it’s difficult to explain the entire product in a few lines so the on-page SEO game needs to be very precise. 

Also, to let people know about your product you’ll have to go the extra mile with off-page SEO as well. You’ll have to write good blogs explaining your service, promote it vigorously on social platforms and do a lot of optimization. 

 saas seo

So, SEO for SaaS companies is a more dedicated way of implementing your SEO tactics and helping your business grow. 

But what makes dedicated SaaS SEO services so important for companies? 

Why SEO Is Important For SaaS Companies?

Investing in a good SaaS SEO strategy helps your business grow organically and is the most affordable way to increase your brand value. Along with this, there are many benefits like

1. Helps improve content quality 

2. Helps reduce customer acquisition costs

3. Helps increase the conversion rate

4. Helps boost online visibility

5. Helps improve organic traffic

All these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. And now that you have an idea about the importance of SaaS SEO. Now it’s time to understand how SaaS search optimization helps you grow your organic traffic.   

How SaaS SEO Helps To Grow Organic Traffic?

Search engine optimization dedicated specifically to SaaS companies helps them grow rapidly and attract more potential customers. This is done by fully understanding the SaaS product and its target audience. 

After this, you’ll have to finalize the strategy that you’ll follow to attract more customers. In this process, you’ll have to finalize the SaaS keywords that the target audience might use to search for your product.

 saas search optimization

Now that your keywords are finalized you can use them while publishing the content and writing your website content. Also, make sure you use the keywords in the right density. 

Apart from this B2B SaaS SEO helps you optimize your website both on-page and off-page while significantly improving your search rankings. And as well all know SEO to be SaaS SEO is an organic way to increase your business traffic, so if you implement the right SaaS search optimization strategy your organic traffic will increase tenfold. 

But keep in mind that SEO is a long game, so make sure you are patient and keep track of your SaaS growth via the strategy. And if you think something isn’t working then make sure you change it for the better. 

There is another concept that comes into the picture and that is the SaaS marketing funnel.

SAAS Marketing Funnel

SaaS marketing funnel is a strategic method of nurturing your leads and converting them into leads. You can divide a SaaS marketing funnel into several levels so it becomes easy for you to bifurcate your business leads based on their buyer’s journey level.

Now you might wonder what makes a SaaS marketing funnel so different from let’s say a traditional marketing funnel. Let us help you understand why the SaaS marketing funnel is different.

Generally, a marketing or client acquisition funnel is divided into four different levels

  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Exploration
  • Conversion

But when it comes to the SaaS marketing funnel another level is added and that’s the “Retention” level. As the name suggests at this level the main goal is to retain as many customers as possible. 

 saas funnel

This level is very important because you are not selling a product instead you are selling your service so you’ll have to retain your existing clients. To do this you’ll have to keep updating your services and provide the best service possible.

Now let’s circle to SaaS SEO, because having an impactful SaaS marketing funnel will need to have the right keywords in your marketing content. Because with the right keywords your product/service will reach a wider audience. But having the right keywords needs thorough research and a lot more. 

So now let’s talk about keyword research for SaaS companies. 

Keyword Research For SaaS Companies

Be it on-page SEO or off-page SEO keyword research is the most important aspect to get the most out of it. But SaaS SEO as we mentioned is slightly different from traditional/normal SEO meaning the keyword research will be different as well.

With different keyword research the entire process of link building, and SaaS search optimization changes drastically. 

 saas keyword research

But another that comes to mind is that then how do you do the keyword research for SaaS companies? That’s why we have mentioned various steps you need to follow to complete your SaaS keyword research. 

Step 1 – Understand your buyer persona

Step 2 – Find keywords related to your buyer persona

Step 3 – Finalize the main keywords

Step 4 – Used the keyword for optimization

But before you move on to these you need to have a basic knowledge about the different types of SaaS keywords. Majorly there are types of SaaS keywords

  1. Navigational keywords – These keywords are used when someone wants to reach a particular destination on your business website like email, phone number, customer care, etc. 
  2. Commercial keywords – These keywords are used when you want to educate someone about your product or services. 
  3. Transactional keywords –  These keywords are used when a user is ready to pay and is at the last stage of making a purchase. So it’s fair to say these keywords need to be the most powerful.
  4. Informational keywords – These keywords are used to get new people to learn about your business but generally, they don’t have any intention of buying your service any time soon.

And that you have the steps to complete keyword research and also understand different types of SaaS keywords you can move into the execution phase.  If you follow these steps with the right keywords then SaaS SEO is your best shot at getting organic website traffic. 

Now that’s enough about keywords, it’s time to look into some techniques you can use in your SaaS search optimization. 

Advance Techniques For SAAS SEO

SEO is a long game that’s for sure but then how do you ensure that what you are doing will work in your favor or not?  Well to be completely sure you’ll have to wait but there is something that you can do to increase your success rate and that’s to use advanced SaaS SEO techniques.

 advance techniques for saas seo

There are several techniques out there but we here have mentioned only a few best ones

  1. Have a comment section on your website
  2. Make use of original images in your content
  3. Optimize your Google review page 
  4. Make use of voice search
  5. Use pagination to speed up crawling
  6. Have a perfect blend of low and high-density keywords

Apart from this, there are several other advanced SEO techniques that you can use to scale your business. But do you know that content marketing for a SaaS company is quite different so the SEO strategy for it will be different as well? 

But why is it different? Let’s find out

Why is Content Marketing For SaaS Companies Different?

Content marketing is one of the best ways for SaaS companies to attract more traffic organically. According to an analysis done by Cobloom, many top SaaS companies make use of content marketing to attract more traffic and get an average of 45,700 organic search results. 

Looking at this number it makes sense to invest your time and energy into content marketing. But the content marketing of SaaS companies is different from traditional content marketing. 

Now you must be wondering how?

 It’s because SaaS companies deal in services and much technical jargon is associated with them. With so much technical jargon it becomes difficult for people to understand the services offered by companies. 

This whole situation makes content marketing the best solution to explain to people your product/service. Because when you utilize content marketing you don’t have any word constraints which makes it easier and more convenient for you to explain the product. 

Explaining about your product entails one more benefit that helps in client retention and this phase of retention is why the content marketing strategy of SaaS is entirely different. Having a dedicated content marketing strategy clubbed with dedicated SaaS SEO will help you retain clients because it will help them educate them about the new features. 

Now you have a clear understanding of why you should have a different content marketing strategy for SaaS companies. To help you enhance your strategy we have also pointed out some bonus SEO tips that’ll make your SaaS strategy even more robust.  

Bonus SaaS SEO Tips

Till now in this article, we have mentioned several important things about SaaS SEO but here will point out some Bonus SEO tips that’ll help you scale your business. 

 tips for saas seo
  1. Create engaging content with the right keywords that target your audience
  2. Get high-quality backlinks for your content
  3. Analyze your competitors to outperform them
  4. Have a list of the most searched keywords for your business
  5. Optimize your website content for mobile and computers
  6. Have a good mix of long and short tail keywords
  7. Use the keywords in the right amount of volume
  8. Don’t forget about technical SaaS SEO

Try to include all these tips in your SaaS search optimization and you’ll make a difference in results for good in your business.  

Bottom Line (Future of D2C E-commerce)

We hope with this article you now have a much better idea about SaaS SEO and how SaaS search optimization is different from traditional SEO. And looking at the D2C market segment it becomes very important that you have a solid SEO strategy. 

As per a report by Shiprocket-CII-Praxis the D2C industry is expected to be a $60 Billion Dollar Industry by 2027. And it makes total sense because nowadays customers want to buy directly without any middleman and also by doing so companies save a large amount of money paid in a commission or any other form.

So you must reach more and more customers daily and grow your business. And if you think we might have missed something then please do let us know in the comments.


1. Why is SEO for Saas companies a worthwhile investment?

73% of businesses plan to use SaaS products for their business. So looking at this number businesses need to invest in SaaS SEO which will help them reach a much wider audience. 

2. What makes SEO special for SAAS?

SaaS search optimization is special because apart from the motive of acquiring new customers it has another motive of retaining the clients. This is very crucial because SaaS companies sell services and not just a product that’s why SaaS SEO has a huge impact on SaaS companies. 

3. Should SEO Be A Top Priority For Early-stage SaaS Startups?

Yes, B2B SaaS SEO should be a priority for early-stage SaaS startups. We say this because startups generally have money constraints which makes SaaS SEO the best choice to get clients without spending too much on it.

4. How B2B Saas companies can use SEO to boost sales?

SaaS companies can make use of a robust SEO strategy backed by thorough keyword research and market understanding helping them reach a wider audience.

5. How SEO Can Help You Minimize Your Cost-per-Acquisition?

With SaaS SEO companies don’t have to invest large sums of money in making their business more visible online. By doing so companies save a lot of money and thereby reduce the cost per acquisition.

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