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What is Google Bard AI and How it is Better than ChatGPT?

The evolution of conversational AI (artificial intelligence) has come a long way. Artificial intelligence chatbots are changing the game of eCommerce businesses by boosting customer experiences and conversions. AI-driven chatbots are trained to simulate human-like conversations using natural language processing (NLP) technology.

NLP enables the chatbot to interpret and understand human language in its written form, thus helping the platform communicate independently. As a result, using NLP technology, chatbots can provide accurate responses to users’ queries in real time without human intervention.

One such chatbot that took the Internet by fire is Google’s Bard AI, which was recently launched in February 2023. The craze of AI chatbots began when OpenAI first launched its AI-automated chatbot ChatGPT in November 2022. After its launch, businesses have been eagerly waiting for Google to launch a similar platform to enhance visitors’ experiences of 24×7 live chat experiences.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the features and importance of Bard AI and help you better understand how it may boost your eCommerce business. Moreover, we will also discuss how Google Bard AI can be a better alternative to ChatGPT. Happy reading!

A Brief About Google Bard AI

Google Bard is an AI-powered conversational tool that runs on Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA). In other words, Bard AI is an AI chatbot that aims to provide specific and unique content by using readily available information from the web. Moreover, Bard AI is in its initial testing process. Within a few weeks, we can expect the world’s most-used search engine brand will launch its fully-featured public version.

In short, Google Bard, also considered a storyteller, is Google’s latest experimental AI-driven chatbot designed to respond to different user requests and queries in a human-like conversational style. Besides, Bard AI uses online information to generate high-quality and fresh responses. Since Google’s search engine is integrated into this platform, users can also have access to the Google search bar to look for their desired information.

As of now, Google Bard is available only for a group of selected testers, and if you are one of them, you can play around and keep experimenting. You can make your prompts and receive instant responses based on fresh online information. However, if you are not lucky enough to be a “chosen one”, then wait until Google releases a full-fledged version of its newly launched AI chatbot. Stay tuned!

A Brief About ChatGPT

Before comparing or contrasting the two, let’s talk about OpenAI’s ChatGPT in brief. ChatGPT is an AI-driven chatbot that auto-generates accurate human-like responses to users’ text queries. It is more of a language model than a chatbot used for making interactive communications with online users. This automated software uses deep learning and machine learning to send precise answers to visitors’ fact-based questions.

OpenAI created a revolutionary automated conversational technology, after which businesses started to realize its tremendous potential to address their customers’ needs on time. Based on buyers’ profiles, purchase patterns, and users’ previous queries, this AI-powered chatbot can solve their visitors’ queries accurately without human intervention.

Earlier, the launch of ChatGPT took the tech world to the next level as people across the globe became creative with their queries and prompts. The chatbot uses these text prompts to generate responses and deliver everything from suggestions and recommendations to poems, novels, film scripts, and even jokes.

Features of Google Bard AI

Among the top features of Google Bard AI, we have –

  • Collecting data from user responses, which is based on the vast information available on the web.
  • Showcasing a combination of creativity, intelligence, and power.
  • Gathering valuable feedback from past conversations for internal training and AI system improvements in the upcoming days.
  • Using a lightweight LaMDA model version for its initial testing procedures.
  • Generating appropriate responses to prompts using its sophisticated, high-end AI algorithms.
  • Offering more improved and advanced task automation facilities backed by Google AI.
  • Finding relevant and fresh information with the Google search engine, thus offering a familiar search experience.
  • Facilitating user communications and functioning like a social hub in all kinds of environments and settings.
  • Providing personal AI assistance for specific activities, such as getting help with time management, task management, and scheduling.

Importance of Google AI tool

Modern-day AI tools provide greater scope and higher opportunities to deepen our knowledge and understanding of information. Today’s smart AI chatbots also make it more convenient for users to find the information they are looking for quickly. In this fast-paced world of eCommerce marketing, you will need a faster customer query-solving platform, which won’t keep your visitors waiting for hours or even days to get a concrete solution to a certain issue.

Bard AI can come to your rescue by delivering instant responses to your users’ prompts using the latest Internet data. What’s more, the Google AI tool also collects feedback from past chats and communications to work on continuous improvements of their AI systems in the near future, thus boosting customer satisfaction rates.

Comparison of ChatGPT vs. Google Bard AI tool

Now let’s talk about the differences between Google AI tool and OpenAI’s smart chatbot.

  • The Technology They Use

Google uses its patented LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) infrastructure, which is an AI that analyzes and recognizes human speech and generates smart commands accordingly. Our favorite voice assistants, like Alexa and Siri, also work in a similar principle.

On the other hand, ChatGPT uses a language model known as GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3), which is capable of training and feeding the chatbot with large chunks of data. Interestingly, this Transformer module that OpenAI uses was also developed by Google.

In short, even though both the chat infrastructures were designed to generate text and customized content, Google’s AI tool is focused on generating high-quality answers in a customized style. In contrast, the GPT-3 technology is a more versatile and larger model, as it can perform a wide range of tasks.

  • Access to Updated Information

Besides, a major drawback of ChatGPT is that it doesn’t use the latest information from the web to generate answers. In fact, it doesn’t use the Internet at all. During its launch, OpenAI has already fed and trained the chatbot platform with huge chunks of data, which it uses even today to deliver answers. OpenAI has already fed the platform with 570 GB of data, which is equivalent to 300 billion words, to create a massive knowledge base. However, the downside of this approach is that users cannot enjoy updated information and recommendations.

On the other hand, Google AI, due to its integration with Google’s search engine, gains access to recent and currently available information. This enables Bard to provide more revelation responses based on current data. Moreover, Bard AI’s LaMDA technology can derive more information from the web to send answers via human-like texts. In other words, Bard AI has access to more updated information and a wider knowledge base.

After Google announced this new chatbot technology, OpenAi has also announced several updates for its AI chatbot in the coming days. One of them is the integration of ChatGPT into Microsoft Bing’s search engine to deliver more up-to-date data and relevant recommendations based on current information. In other words, OpenAi aims to set the stage for another big technology battle after Gmail-versus-Hotmail and Chrome-versus-Internet Explorer!

  • Payment Plans

Coming to the payment modules of both chatbots, ChatGPT has both free and paid versions. The basic free version is available for public use, and anybody can sign up and enjoy its benefits immediately. The ChatGPT paid version, also known as ChatGPT Plus, provides higher features, including 24×7 availability, faster response time, access to an unlimited number of requests and chats, and early access to its new launches and features.

Google Bard AI, on the other hand, is currently available in a testing module after its recent launch in February. Therefore, currently, it is accessible to limited users. Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, has announced that the full-featured version will be made available soon for the general public within a few weeks. Apart from this full version, the team will also release its API version specifically for businesses.

How Bard AI is Better than ChatGPT?

To sum up, here are the major factors why Google Bard AI is more effective than ChatGPT –

  • Bard AI uses currently available online elements, such as sources and statistics. It has access to all the vital current and latest data, allowing its AI chatbot technology to deliver more relevant and accurate information by leveraging the power of updated information. This is where Google Bard becomes a clear winner since ChatGPT still relies on the old information and events from 2021, the time when the AI was launched. With Google Bard, users have an added advantage, as they can enjoy up-to-date information and the most relevant answers.
  • Due to its integration with Google’s search engine, Bard AI has access to a large amount of data from diverse sources, giving a competitive edge to OpenAi Chat GPT. Google has a higher data bank compared to OpenAi.
  • Google’s smart AI is particular regarding sending accurate responses based on reliable information. On the other hand, with ChatGPT, there may be chances that the AI may make some factual errors at times, mostly because it doesn’t have full-fledged access to up-to-date information.
  • Google AI tool is capable of breaking up complex facts and ideas into bite-sized, easy-to-digest data chunks. It helps to boost more engaging communications and customer satisfaction. Google AI aims to disseminate information broadly to help users understand the messages conveyed, thus inspiring efficient learning methods. However, Chat GPT is struggling in this area, as it simply focuses on generating feedback and learning materials based on the user’s text prompt.
  • Another great feature of Google Bard is that it can convert even the most difficult topics into easy-to-digest, bite-sized data chunks. This approach aims to spread more valuable knowledge and information precisely and clearly, thus encouraging a holistic learning process for everyone, including children. OpenAi ChatGPT, however, delivers content based on the text prompts it receives from visitors.

Although Google’s Bard AI is not currently made available for public use and is in its initial testing module, it will be released soon and has immense potential to take the eCommerce tech world by storm. Get ready to witness an AI battle of Google Bard AI vs ChatGPT soon, and we need to wait and see who comes out triumphant!


Keeping aside the battle of who is better than whom, one thing is for sure. These AI-backed communication services can change the way you handle your customers on your eCommerce website. With this intelligent automation technology, you can address their queries in real time, increase user engagement rates, and free up your human resources. Your sales reps or backend employees can now focus on other vital operations, thus increasing efficiency. So, jump right in, adopt an intelligent AI chatbot, and make smarter decisions to serve your customers better!


Q. 1. How to access Google Bard AI?

The Bard AI is currently available for a selected group of beta testers, and if you are one of them, you can open the application on your smart device. After that, you can click on the chatbot icon and enter your request or prompt. The conversation starts at this point, and you can start making further requests to the AI chatbot.

Q. 2. Is Google AI free to use?

Google Bard AI is completely free to use as of now since it is in its initial testing stage. However, as already mentioned, it is available to a chosen group of testers. The full version will be released soon in a few weeks and will be made available to the general public. Since it is freely available, it encourages users to collaborate for the development and improvement of the technology, so as to solve real-world problems more efficiently.

Q. 3. How is Google Assistant different from Bard AI?

There are some fundamental differences between the two, even though both are, in a way, smart AI technologies. While Google Assistant is an AI-powered voice assistant, Google Bard AI is an intelligent AI-automated chatbot or a smart communications platform.

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant application from Google that is available primarily on one’s mobile devices as well as home automation devices. It also encourages an efficient two-way conversation. Bard AI is also a two-way communication, but one can make text inputs from both the keyboard and voice search tools.

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