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9 Things to Consider Before Hiring a B2B SaaS SEO Company

B2B SaaS SEO is the process of a comprehensive optimization of a SaaS (software-as-a-service) website to boost organic traffic. Through this approach, business owners aim to improve their website visibility and organic ranking on the SERPs (search engine results pages), thus driving higher traffic and leads.

Hiring a B2B SaaS SEO company can help drive more organic site traffic, thus boosting your conversions. Good SEO practices help to improve your site reach, thus attracting potential buyers to turn into paying customers. A professional SaaS SEO agency will guide you to follow the right SEO approaches and strategies to boost high-quality leads and conversions.

Besides, an SEO professional would have the expertise and knowledge of implementing the right tactics at the right time. A SaaS SEO service provider would also determine the potential loopholes in an SEO plan, and know the exact ways to fix them on time to prevent further damage.

Now that you are aware of the importance of hiring an enterprise SaaS SEO service, let’s learn the top nine methods of hiring a reputable one.

I. Research

First and foremost, you need to look for the best options by doing a bit of homework about the best SaaS SEO companies near you. You can develop a list of criteria first, such as your budget, your preferences for local vs. remote agencies, your desired contract duration, and the reporting frequency or deadlines of receiving the deliverables.

By listing down these points, you can evaluate different agencies more critically based on your expectations and business goals. As a result, you can keep track of all the things you want to achieve the expected outcomes while preventing you from trusting any random SaaS SEO agency blindly.

Check out the portfolios, case studies, testimonials, and customer reviews of every company that you have shortlisted. Case studies represent concrete examples of an agency’s performance, enabling you to decide whether the company is suitable for your needs.

II. Understanding Your Business

Another important factor to consider while choosing the right SaaS SEO agency is whether the team is able to understand your business requirements and goals. The truth is, gaining an in-depth understanding of a business takes years. But an experienced SEO agency will be able to use the tried and tested techniques to get to the core of your organization.

That’s because they usually have the expertise and knowledge about the ins and outs of your niche or industry. Responsible SEO experts will ask the business managers more questions about their mission and goals, while also understanding their challenges, strengths, and weaknesses.

III. Goals and Objectives

Before signing the contract with any agency, your first responsibility as a business owner would be to identify or revisit your goals and objectives, both in the short and long term. Without knowing what you want for your business, you cannot expect the company to know that. Once you are clear about what you want for your business or what you want to achieve, it will automatically drive you to choose the right B2B SaaS SEO agency.

Now that your goals are clear, it’s time to determine how your SEO company may help you achieve your objectives. In other words, you need to identify the right messages to convey to your SEO company regarding your short- and long-term vision. Also, let the service provider know about your expected outcomes so that they can plan and implement their techniques accordingly. Finally, you need to ensure that their SEO strategies and work approaches are well-aligning with your goals and objectives.

IV. Services Offered

Identify the services the B2B SaaS SEO company is offering and ensure whether those will be beneficial to meet your goal. Besides, check whether the agency is following ethical, Google-compliant white hat SEO techniques, rather than unethical methods, such as black hat SEO. Some of the popular digital marketing services that eCommerce brands require include –

  • SEM (search engine marketing)
  • Content creation and content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Reporting and Marketing Analytics
  • Influencer marketing

Try learning about these topics briefly before starting the hiring process because you will know which services you will need to achieve your desired results. Also, ask the agency whether they are up for providing additional services that you may require from time to time to boost your campaign performance. Ask for a detailed outline of the services some of the best SEO SaaS companies in your niche are providing.

V. Pricing

Compare the pricing of different B2B SaaS SEO companies and evaluate the value for money you are getting. Rather than getting inclined towards cheaper solutions, consider the cost versus the benefits of their services. Besides, reputed SEO agency for SaaS companies post their piercing details and range of services on their website to maintain transparency.

Furthermore, the best way to decide is by talking to three different SEO agencies for SaaS companies and performing a comparison and contrast between them. You can also get an idea of the negotiations you may need to make in terms of pricing points, packages, solutions offered, and contract stipulations, to get the best deal.

VI. Reputation

Thoroughly evaluate the reputation of the B2B SaaS SEO company, not only on their website but also on their local listings, like Google Maps. A reputable SaaS SEO company would outline its awards and recognitions on its website. Also, check for any negative reviews or complaints that the customers may have posted, and check whether the company has given a justified reply to such negative reviews. It will give you an idea of the agency’s customer handling skills and client support system.

VII. Communication and Reporting

Evaluate the communication and reporting processes of the enterprise SaaS SEO agency and ensure that the team will provide regular work updates and performance or progress reports. Consider their availability for answering your questions, addressing your concerns, and providing strong support. In other words, the team should keep you in the loop of what’s going on and when you can expect the outcomes.

VIII. Technical Expertise and Industry-Specific Knowledge

While shortlisting tour SaaS SEO professionals, make sure to evaluate their knowledge base, technical expertise, and years of experience, especially in your particular niche or industry. Determine if they have the necessary industry-specific knowledge and experience to deliver results. Check whether they are using any cutting-edge technology and techniques to improve outcomes. 

Try choosing a company that has good experience and knowledge in your specific industry, to get accurate and thorough guidance. Since SEO is not a one-size-fits-all approach, you need to ask your agency whether they have the right knowledge and expertise to boost the ranking of your website in your specific niche or industry.

IX. Transparency

One of the key identifiers of the best B2B SaaS SEO agency is its transparency and honesty. Choose an SEO company that is transparent and trustworthy, not only in terms of pricing models but also in the services it is offering. The team should keep you completely aware of their procedures throughout the contract duration, including research, technique and technologies used, implementation procedures, progress reports, and success metrics.


In conclusion, by hiring a professional B2B SaaS SEO agency, you can attract more potential customers to your website, thus increasing your sales and revenue. An SEO expert can also help you to focus only on what’s best for your SaaS business.

A SaaS SEO company can also allow you to leverage industry expertise and gain valuable insights, thus getting the best possible outcomes and improving your business performance.
We hope the above factors will help you choose the right SEO agency for SaaS solutions, and you can be on the right track when it comes to increasing ROI and achieving your business goals.

So, it’s time to jump in and start shortlisting 3–5 professionals. Ensure to compare and contrast them and talk to at least three of the best ones to get an idea of what you need to look for while choosing an SEO agency. In the end, your SEO team should be able to solve your B2B SaaS SEO concerns and boost your sales and market presence exponentially.

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