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Bing SEO: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering Search Rankings

Many businesses focus most of their efforts on ranking their website on Google’s search engine pages. Little effort is used to target audiences present on other search engines. Sure, Google SEO is worthy of the traffic it can provide. However, Bing SEO is an impactful force to reckon with if you want your business growth to spread across a wider net.

In this post, we will take you through a step-by-step Bing SEO guide. You will develop clarity on why SEO for Bing matters, the benefits of using Bing SEO tools, how to rank on Bing places, and improving through Bing webmaster tools.

does bing matter for seo

Does Bing matter for SEO?

At OPositive, we believe in giving you the whole scenario about doing SEO for Bing. That is why you must understand whether Bing matters for SEO and for your business.

SEO for Bing refers to optimising your website to increase its visibility and ranking on the Bing Search engine. While Google SEO holds the foremost priority, the Bing search algorithm is not one to consider lightly. Bing makes up one-third of search queries in the United States. So, if you compare Bing vs Google SEO, you may find a large margin. 

However, Bing SEO has translated millions of users into buying customers. Therefore, if you aim to grow your business, this Bing SEO guide is for you.

benefits of bing seo

Bing SEO refers to the process of optimizing your website for Microsoft’s Bing search engine. While Google is the most widely used search engine, Bing still holds a significant market share and can drive considerable traffic to your website. Optimizing for Bing involves understanding its unique algorithms and ranking factors, which can differ from those of Google. Here’s a breakdown of Bing SEO and why it’s important

Benefits of Bing SEO

Maybe you are succeeding at ranking your website on the Google search engine. We could not be happier, but advise you to add Bing SEO to your arsenal this year. Let us break it down to you into these benefits of applying SEO efforts to rank on the Bing search engine.

  • Social shares are a high-ranking factor

Bing looks at brands with the highest social shares. This means the more social signals you have, the higher your brand will rank in SERPs. Bing believes that social signals influence a brand’s social channels and search engines. You may note that Bing is against fake followers and engagement.

  • Content is one of the ranking signals

Bing does not render content as the highest-ranking factor as Google does. It checks whether the content is trustworthy, detailed, well-presented and easy to find. You may note that Bing does not support keyword stuffing.

  • High-quality visuals

Bing’s image search results display high-quality and stunning images. The video search results display videos that you can play without clicking through and leaving the SERP.

  • Seasoned traffic 

According to Bing’s search demographic, the traffic that also exists is well-educated. Furthermore, they are older and are of a higher household income group. This type of seasoned traffic is not found on Google.

  • On-page SEO holds a higher priority

Off-page SEO activities will produce better results based on-page SEO activities. So, Bing does not pick and choose the best out of the two, rather gives on-page SEO first priority.

  • Enhanced multimedia user experience

The Bing search engine loves it when you add multimedia to text content. Multimedia includes content in the form of videos, images, and animations. Also, Bing supports image queries. Unlike Google, Bing gives exact search results without suggestions or related searches.

  • Free webmaster analysis tools

Bing has free tools for analysis and actionable insights. They also give you tips on how to optimise a website. You can get a thorough understanding of what Bing prefers and what it finds irrelevant. Bing analyses your backlinks, link profiles, mobile friendliness, and keywords. It also checks whether your website is penalised or not, among many other parameters.

how do you rank your business on bing

How do you rank your business on Bing?

Do you want to start ranking your business on Bing this year? Here are some SEO tips to optimise your website content, offering a chance to boost rankings.

  • Strategically build quality backlinks to your website

Make sure to gain links from high-authority sites that Bing trusts. Leverage these links to create unique and engaging content for people to share. You can use organic links from trusted and relevant websites like .edu, .org, and .gov or old domains.

Stay away from link schemes, paid, reciprocal links, and hacked website links.

So, analyse your backlinks by considering the source page title, URL, domain score, page score, link type, anchor text, and first and last seen.

  • Channel your efforts on On-Page SEO

The Bing Search Algorithm relies on the following ranking factors:

  • Exact match domains – The first results on Bing after applying a keyword like, ‘best rice bowls will track the exact match domain as one of the key Bing ranking factors.
  • Exact keyword utilisation – The exact keywords used in Heading 1 and 2 of the tags help boost ranking on Bing. 
  • Highquality content – Make sure the content you publish on your website is authentic, engaging, and sufficiently detailed. It should be presented well, easing the process of finding information on products and services.

If your content is widely shared on social media, receiving attention and engagement, Bing likes it! So, do not buy social media users. Rather use organic SEO methods to attract and influence more traffic.

  • Build SEO with Bing Webmaster Tools

It is crucial to set your website inside Webmaster tools. The Webmaster tool is a great resource to find the keywords for your indexed backlinks, spammy links to remove, and so on.

Bear in mind that your website’s ranking is not guaranteed just because you optimise your content based on the webmaster’s guidelines. However, implementing a structure to present your website and its content will certainly keep you on track.

So, here are a few factors to consider while using Bing Webmaster tools to improve your website rankings.

  • Your content should meet the criteria of what your users want to see

Match the search intent terms directly on the page and also with the terms used in the links referring to the page. You can also use semantic terms like synonyms or abbreviations, which may match exactly with the query term but has the same meaning.

  • Make sure to avoid keyword stuffing

Bing’s language model can track and catch when keyword stuffing is done. For instance, insert grammatically incorrect and ill-structured sentences just to fit the keywords. The mode will detect spam and typos as well.

  • Target audience language and location

Make sure your content is written based on your target audience’s preferred language. Your keywords should also match the local user’s common search terms like ‘lactose-free milk near me’.

What is Bing Webmaster Guidelines ?

Bing Webmaster Guidelines provide best practices to help website owners and webmasters get their content found and indexed by the Bing search engine. These guidelines cover a range of topics to ensure that sites are optimized for Bing’s search algorithm, aiming to improve site visibility and search rankings

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, Opositive stands out with its specialized focus on Bing SEO, offering businesses a unique edge in enhancing their online visibility on Bing. Our team’s deep understanding and expertise in the nuances of Bing’s search algorithms have enabled us to deliver exceptional results for our clients, significantly improving their search engine rankings and online presence on this platform.


Q1. Is Bing good for SEO?

Absolutely! Bing has lower competition with a market share of 6.79% for desktop searches. This might seem a lower percentage compared to Google’s 86.64%. However, over the years, Bing’s desktop search market has grown by 41.03% since 2019.

Q2. How do I get traffic on Bing?

Bing likes to focus on quality backlinks from relevant, high-authority sites. You must give more emphasis to on-page SEO. We’ve more points above in this post, be sure to check them out.

Q3. Is it easy to rank on Bing?

Ranking on Bing is not impossible as long as you follow the guidelines, and keep it authentic. Bing loves a website that’s built on trust and relevance, which is user-centric.

Q4. Is Bing SEO different from Google?

There are a few differences like the way Google focuses on keywords is different from the way Bing focuses on them. You can read through these Bing vs Google SEO differences.

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