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Industry Experts Discussing Cutting Edge Tactics In Link Building Conducted By Serpzilla

There are many misunderstandings floating around the internet concerning the SEO benefits of one-way connections or link building. This came when the search algorithm’s emphasis changed to link quality and relevancy, and many link development tactics became obsolete. But, in reality, link-building is not at all extinct. It is still an important part of any effective SEO strategy.

Recently a webinar was conducted by Serpzilla where industry experts like Sandeep Malya, founder of 99signals and Startup Café Digital, Pinaki Chakraborty, Sr. Director Search & Content Marketing at Acko, and Obbserv Co-founder Ravi Soni. 

The webinar was conducted to discuss in detail how to optimize your link-building strategies and their implementation. During this webinar, all the experts shared their opinions on SEO link building and how businesses can use it to improve their search rankings. 

So now without taking much of your time and energy let’s just dive right into it. 

Meet the Man of the Hour

Mr. Ravi is an IIT (Indian Institute Of Technology) graduate with years of experience in the field of Digital Marketing. He co-founded Obbserv to harness the power of Internet Marketing and help businesses leverage this power to grow and scale. 

Before embarking on this entrepreneurship journey, Mr. Ravi was associated with Flipkart where he worked closely with the founder and helped the organization scale. It was after two years of working there that he realized that he has a lot more to offer to the world; hence, Obbserv was born. 

Apart from this, he is also an angel investor and likes to invest in startups that add value to the lives of consumers. Sattviko, Diskover, and iDelivr are some of the startups in which he has invested his time, money, energy and expertise in building a global brand. 

Now that you know about our man of the hour/article let us see what Mr. Ravi thinks about link building and how he thinks any business can leverage the same to grow. To top it off, he also shared the tools that he thinks are the best in the industry.

The very first thing that Mr. Ravi addressed during the webinar was the myths that people generally have regarding link building. 

Myth One – If I create 10,000 backlinks, my website will rank

Myth Two – Link building is not effective

Myth Three – Link building is costly

In response to these myths, he simply said it depends on what type of backlinks you are building, the tools you are using and the sites you are linking to. 

Image of link building webinar conducted by Serpzilla and Opositive

Quality backlinks are links that you get from high domain authority websites. These websites are trusted by the Google crawler and by the people as well. 

According to Mr. Ravi, if any business wants to rank higher in search results, they have to take care of three things in major. 

  1. Crawlability – Is your website/page crawl-ready? That means is it error-free, so the crawler can crawl?
  2. Relevance (Most important) –  Is the webpage/website relevant to your business needs and the services provided?
  3. Credibility – Is the page credible?

He also stated that having quality backlinks serves as a good indicator for Google crawlers and is a good source of referral traffic which will help the website rank.  

Quality backlink as a good indicator for Google crawlers

Creating quality backlinks may sound easy because you think all you have to do is find some high DA websites and get a backlink from there. But if it were that easy everyone would be at the top. 

Mr. Ravi shared an analogy of “Bring the house in order” when he shed some light on making quality backlinks

He believes that before making any backlinks you should make sure that the website is configured right, error free, and crawl ready. 

Moving forward, Mr. Ravi stated that it’s crucial that you also have a good understanding of the level of your business. It’s important because based on your level of business you can give preference to “Crawlability – Relevance – Credibility”.

According to his expertise, if you are in any of these phases then you should have the following order

  1. Starting Up: Crawlability – Credibility – Relevance
  2. Growth: Relevance – Credibility – Crawlability
  3. Crisis: Reliability – Crawlability – Relevance

At last, he emphasized having a functional link building strategy. And to ease it out, he pointed out three things to keep in mind when you plan your backlink strategy and those are 

  1. Your focus
  2. Your target URL
  3. Your budget & resources
Image of getting result after quality backlink

After putting in all your hard work to create the backlinks you must analyze the performance of the links you have created. There are several tools and said methods that you can use to check the success of backlinks. 

These methods come with their own sets of challenges but with his expertise, Mr. Ravi has made this task easier. He has divided the entire process into three important metrics

  1. Authority – DA, DR, Nofollow/DoFollow, Spam Score
  2. Crawling – Crawl Rate, Serve Response time
  3. Impact – Target URL, Avg position of target URL

Now if you take care of these three aspects and analyze these numbers, you’ll definitely have a good idea about the success of your backlink creation campaign. 

Working/Growing Philosophy At Obbserv

During this informative webinar, Ravi shared all the insights about link building among many others. He also analyzed and pointed out certain great observations about their working strategy and how they can improve even more.

And he firmly believes that to grow in life and business you have to be curious and ask the necessary questions. Because of this curiosity, he is on a mission to create a search engine which he firmly believes he can achieve. 

And he applies the same to Obbserv where he and the entire team believes in fulfilling curiosity thereby helping businesses grow exponentially by simply  Experimenting – Analyzing – Strategizing. 

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Leverage Content Marketing for Saas Industry
Leverage Content Marketing for Saas Industry

Leverage Content Marketing for Saas Industry


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Expert ‘s Advice on How Businesses Can Grow by Leveraging the Power of Digital Marketing 

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