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Expert ‘s Advice on How Businesses Can Grow by Leveraging the Power of Digital Marketing 

The digital space is seeing rapid changes like never before. And amid these rapid changes, it becomes a challenge for marketers to keep up with them. 

And to validate this, here are some interesting facts about Digital Marketing

  • 93% of all interactions (online) start from a search engine
  • 77000, that’s how many people search Google every second
  • There are 3.2 Billion active social media users every day

These numbers sound astounding. But it’s like two sides of the same coin. If you win the toss, then you get the win, and if you lose, then you’ll have to try again.

The reason we say this is because these numbers surely present us with opportunities but as we mentioned and you must have also noticed that the digital space changes very rapidly so it becomes a task to cater to the needs of such a large audience. 

And this exactly was the main point that Mr Ravi Soni, Co-founder of Obbserv discussed in detail in his latest webinar conducted by Tasees. 

During his session, Mr Ravi shared some interesting facts related to digital marketing and shared his expertise and opinion on how you can leverage digital marketing and turn your business into a brand.

So before we take a deep dive, let us tell you something about Mr Ravi, Co-founder Obbserv

Meet The Expert

digital marketing experts

Mr Ravi Co-founded Obbserv with the aim to help businesses leverage digital means to market and grow their business. With his guidance, hard work, and dedication, Obbserv has grown significantly and has a client portfolio of some world-renowned companies.

And as for his educational background, he completed his graduation from the most prestigious college in the country and that’s IIT (Indian Institute Of Technology). 

During his early phase, he was associated with Flipkart which is where he was introduced to digital marketing. Soon after he left his job and started his own venture which we today know as Obbserv.

His plan and aim with Obbserv are to help his clients and people leverage the power of digital media to market their business and grow. Mr Ravi is also working towards deploying some marketing tools that anyone can use to grow their brand. 

Well, we can go on speaking about Mr Ravi but let us not sway away from the topic and address the elephant in the room and  how you can leverage digital marketing to grow your brand.

One interesting thing about this webinar was that it was designed keeping the audience of Oman in mind but the methodologies Mr Ravi shared can be applied anywhere around the globe.

Some Amazing Facts About Digital Sphere In Oman

Even before addressing anything about digital marketing Mr Ravi pointed out some interesting facts about Oman’s audience

  1. People spend 6 hrs daily on the Internet mostly between 8 PM – 12 AM
  2. Smartphone penetration is the highest in Oman in the entire middle east
  3. There are about 5.9 Million searches per month
  4. People of every age group use some digital channels. The total population of Oman is 5.5 Million+
  • 18 – 30 — 7.5 Lac on FaceBook and 12 Lac On Instagram
  • 31 – 50 — 9 Lac on FaceBook and 8 Lac On Instagram
  • 51 -65+ — 1 Lac on FaceBook and 50 K on Instagram

How It (The desire to buy or sell) Actually Starts

“It all starts with a thought.”, Mr.Ravi stated. 

He also explained that earlier what used to happen is that when someone wanted to buy something they would ask a number of people and based on their information he\she would make the decision.

Thought ->Expression Of thought -> Access To Information -> Consumer

But now with access to the Internet, this has changed. People now go online to learn more about the product or service they seek. 

So in short, earlier when people used to ask other people about reviews about a product, now it’s the social platform they seek to get these answers. And that’s why the customer journey has changed. This led to another question and that is – 

What Is The Next Revolution?

Mr Ravi asked this question and received several different answers from the participants of the webinar. 

But what no one guessed was the MIT Lab Alter Ego Program. He even showcased a video of the same where one could see that the person can navigate the online world with just his thoughts by simply wearing a device. 

This means after this product is brought to the market the journey of “Thought to the Product will be reduced significantly” Ravi Added

Moving forward he again brought back the point of how we are spending a significant amount of time on the Internet, and this brings us back to the session topic and how digital growth happens.

This brings us to our next question.

What Is Digital Marketing?

what is digital marketing

Again Mr Ravi went on to ask the other participants to share their thoughts on the same. And to his surprise, he received some really good answers although he also pointed out that there are no wrong answers as well. 

To which he added that “Marketing Is a Journey from Brand to Consumer via the Digital media”. 

He also pointed out that it’s not that marketing has changed, instead it is the medium that has changed. And this has led to this new form of marketing which is addressed by “Digital First Marketing”. 

Mr Ravi also said that earlier the business used to be at the core but now it’s the consumers, and if they don’t serve them right it will not be good for their business because word travels fast and far on the digital channels. 

To all this, he gave his success mantra which was “Think Digital Think Consumer” and it will take you to places.

This brings us to the next segment of the seminar during which Mr Ravi asked a number of questions 

  1. What Is Your Purpose?

What  Mr Ravi meant by this was that you need to find your reasons for why you do what you do. Doing so will help you stay in touch with your core beliefs and focus which in term will help to make the right decision and strategies that will help your business grow.

  1. What Is Your Goal?

It is important that you have a fixed target as in a goal you want to achieve. This will help you set the right expectations with your digital marketing strategies

Not only this, Mr Ravi addressed Goals by “Smart Goals” by which he meant that you need to set goals that are specific, measurable, and time-bounded. 

If you set a goal following these parameters it will help you set your expectations right. Not only this it will also help you set the budget which aligns with your goal.

  1. Who Is Your Consumer?

Knowing your consumer is the most important aspect of this entire journey. Mr Ravi pointed out that with digital it’s more than knowing your consumer. 

With digital, you have the power to know their entire history from their name to the type of content they browse online with the gadgets they use to browse the internet. 

Only after knowing and analyzing all these factors precisely, you should make your Digital marketing strategy. Because it will help you make your conversation more relatable. 

  1. Touching Base With The Consumer

Mr Ravi pointed out a very interesting concept and that is people usually think they need to have a website for their business. 

But according to him, it’s not entirely necessary to have a website. He also clarified that it’s not that you should not have a website, instead you should prioritise your digital presence platform. 

See where your customers spend most of their time and make your presence more notable first. 

To do so you need to divide this into three different segment

  1. Point of selling – Which platform you should use to sell your product\service
  2. Touch Point – Which platform you should use to have a conversation with your customer
  3. Engaging point – Which platform you should use to educate the audience and engage with them

Moving forward Mr Ravi touch based another concept and that’s how as a brand you can reach a consumer. To do so he presented a road map of the consumer journey and as a brand what things you should know about even before approaching them.

User Journey Things To Know
UserPersona, Location
DeviceMobile, Desktop, Tablet, Alexa
PlatformGoogle, Instagram, YouTube, etc
Intent PurposeResearch, Validate, Engage, Purchase
AssetDifferent site, on-platform
ContentText, Video, A combination
ActionConsume, Engage, Purchase

Knowing all these things about the customer will help you shape a better strategy and help your brand reach more potential customers. 

Apart from this, he also shared several other consumer journeys which you can use to reach your target audience. 

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